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HUNTING/FISHING Price Guide - (All animals & fish)


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Ive been working on this for sometime. Its it very near complete and I tried to be as accurate as possible. Just needed to get it posted before the holiday vacation. Current prices on all animal carcus, pelts and parts as of update 1.05             

Please let me know if this is not showing up correctly. My original had links for every animal to the rockstar compendium and everything but its just too much for the upload I guess.


RDR2O Priceguide.png

Uplaoded wrong file
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11 hours ago, pistolballistic said:

I know they would never do this for the benefit of our exploits, but I wish they improved wagons or made them purchasable for transporting fish and hides. 

I assume at some point the current moneymaking won't really be enough to acquire items such as businesses or houses or something like that and I could see wagons being adapted to be used to be able to earn more bucks as a useful storage item at that point. The future will tell though

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