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want to give gold to a friend on xbox so i need a downloadable code

Steven Kreg

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Just now, Steven Kreg said:

yea. i found where you can with playstation, but not xbox

Ah, I see.  Hopefully someone who has an XB1 can help you out then.  I can't imagine you could do it with one but not the other if it's tied into R*s storefront but what do I know.

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17 hours ago, Steven Kreg said:

is their any place to buy gold for xbox that will give me a code so i can send to a friend?



If you want to gift him the gold specifically & not just a marketplace gift card, try Gamestop. They may have the RDO gold on a card you can buy or worst case, they may be able to sell it to you through their computer which prints out the code on a reciept.

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