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Weapon Familiarity


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Yeah, it was in an article from R* at some point.  I just don't recall which one but I remember reading about it.

This is one of those mechanics in the game that seem like it's tribal knowledge.  I wish all of these types of things were documented in a manual, FAQ or similar.  

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1 hour ago, nshanny73 said:

I recall reading about this awhile ago but have never noticed anything.

Apparently, the stats of a weapon are supposed to increase the more you use them.  Anybody have any info on this?

Watch the the stats in the guns. Solid= what you have.... Grey= what you could have/+ special ammo.... Black= nothing more. I have seen on certain guns the reload gets better... I noticed this even before I gained special ammo to boost it so I saw it actually grow.

All non scientific whatso ever besides perception. 

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I had brought this up awhile ago too:

I noticed that since I made that topic, I've exclusively used the Lancaster Repeater for my longarm and I have noticed a pretty big jump in my accuracy and fire rate. I tend to always use Express ammo (or Regular if I run out during the task at hand) and I can get headshots on NPC enemies like crazy, even from horseback.

I wish it showed you better that you are improving though

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