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*SPOILERS* Vampire


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On 12/9/2019 at 7:03 PM, KoiiBoii said:

He attacks pretty fast once you approach him. I am not sure what happens if he kills you, but it only takes one hit.

You might have to do all the steps over, I am not sure. 

You shouldn't have to do everything again. That seems a bit excessive. I think if you wait 24 to 72 hours, he should come back. I am talking about in-game hours. 

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Go behind the church at night. Cross the street to what looks like an "Outside Patio" with people sitting at tables, drinking etc. Cross the patio and go to an alley directly behind the patio. Look to your right and you should see him there. You can talk to him, but kill him quickly. Have you collected ALL of the clues?

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  • Kean_1 changed the title to *SPOILERS* Vampire
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First you have to find the 5 messages in Saint-Denis.
Then go to the place where the vampire appear between 12:00 and 01:00AM.
When you see a cross (a dead body) on the mini map then he's there.
Just kill him with whatever gun you have, or arrow or throwing weapon.
The dagger should appear next to the body. If it's not, go to the fence. It should be there. 

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the weird thing is, i could do all that again. isn't it supposed to happen only once? go find the messages, then go to where he appears and kill him. and this time i got the dagger.

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