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Pocket Watch Suggestion


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I like pocket watches but it would be nice if they had some use online--since you can spend money to buy them and all.  Two options come to mind:


1)  Cosmetic:  Add the watch-fob graphic (used on Dutch's character from story mode) to any vest the character is wearing when a watch is equipped.


2) Function:  Add time to any mission timers for a player that has once since they can use time more efficiently by owning one;

*  +1 minute for a silver watch.

* +2 minutes for a gold watch.

* +3 minutes for a platinum watch.



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5 hours ago, NeKryXe said:

well... i'd love to be able to remove the watch from the wheel. i activated it by mistake and now seems that there's no way to get rid of it.

I think you have to select a watch you've picked-up off a looted body, activate THAT as your watch, then sell it.  That should reset the watch activation. 

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