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How do I find 2 perfect rabbits? This is for the hunter trials I killed loads but none are perfect


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A few tips here. 

As early as possible, try to obtain the Buck Antler Trinket.  This will increase the chances of you getting a perfect pelt.

Use the correct weapon.  A Varmint Rifle is best for rabbits.

Only kill three star animals unless you need the meat.  Rifle shots will spook nearby animals, so if you waste a shot on a one or two star animal, a potential three star animal might get spooked by the sound of the shots and escape.

Track at long range using your binoculars.  If you have a tracked trail to follow, you can take your time in quietly following the animal before you kill it.

Good luck, rabbits are tricksy little critters.

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i tried to kill rabbits with small game arrows, but they're not powerful enough. the rabbit will just get up and run away, and it won't be a 3-star after that. in my experience, small game arrows are only good for the smallest animals, like rats, squirrels and small birds. rabbits are too big.

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