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  1. LOL Sorry that happened to you dude. Sheesh. I can't imagine. I think for the most part my parents were wrong. I think they worried too much too.
  2. Do this. I always do this with people when I am not sure and it is a win-win. Find something you collects or you can see him collecting and get that.
  3. I would personally love to play as her. That would be a first for Rockstar I believe and I love playing as female characters in games. I know it is something that a lot of women think is perverted but it has nothing to do with that. I just like the option and usually women characters are more fun to play as.
  4. Not to take away from the obvious joke but SAAAAME! I loved these little gems in the first one and being able to access them online somehow would be great. I know a lot of people would get mad over it but you have to have some stuff that spices it up or it will get too boring too fast.
  5. Good point. I agree with that. Like they should have waited until this Spring to announce it, not in 2016.
  6. I would probably complain and cry for the first few days then get over it. I know a lot of people who would not function and that is scary. Like I see how some people act when they can't get online to play games or check social media... Some just have nervous breakdowns. I would likely lock myself inside really lol
  7. Yeah there we go. I guess it was something worth pointing out but that is for a different game. It will likely just be a side character who is narrating the trailers.
  8. Yeah you are likely right but still... You announce the game THAT early and what do you expect? Like had they said the release was TBA, then fine. I would be cool with that but they gave us a time and backed out.
  9. Yeah that is what I am thinking. The chances of seeing anything in depth any time soon is basically out the window. Sucks man.
  10. Whelp. That is indeed the answer... The sad truth. The truth we all knew was bound the happen. The sad, ugly, dirty truth...
  11. Well obviously you would get that... Just don't build a wall. Rockstar already built one and wont be taking it down till Spring 2018
  12. We likely wont see another trailer for the game till the fall at this point since the game was delayed. The screenshots are nice but still... We have nothing to go off of. It is all just sad... a sad day for me.
  13. When I heard about this... my only reaction while at work was....
  14. I didn't actually connect this and it would make sense to keep up with the tradition. What about the previous RDR trailer though? I don't recall this happening at all.
  15. As we all must know... The game has been officially pushed back to Spring 2018. While I am not surprised and even called it being a Spring release, I am still mad. They kept us all waiting and assuming it will still be the Fall release for MONTHS. Why could they not just change the date? So we have an idea? What is the point of KNOWING the game will be delayed and NOT telling your fanbase!? I just got home from work and came over here from the blog. Now that I know I have to wait nearly a year... Well, I need someone to talk to. lol Needless to say... I'm a #SadCowboy
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