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  1. I have crashed into numerous things playing the game. I never got that reaction but that is pretty damn funny. LOL!
  2. I'm approaching it with the mindset of "just for fun" and not progression. I know they will likely wipe everything and they should do since some people can take advantage of glitches. They had plenty in GTA V that people took advantage of for weeks and were not able to control it. Now they can. If you can go on and not take it seriously, then go for it but if you can't... Probably best to wait it out.
  3. It is pretty easy to get out of if it is just one or two people. If you have someone tie you and three others shooting at you then it can get messy. I think they mainly do it to be funny.
  4. This one dude I was on a server with the other day, his tag name what Chris something and he was damn near untouchable. No matter how many groups of people attacked him, he was able to kill them all off. I was watching from a distance was so impressed. Then one of the dudes attacking him decided to hog tie me out of nowhere and a few of his friends shot me up.
  5. I never heard anyone make the argument that Fortnite was better but since it wone some game of the year award, I am sure that kind of inflamed this mindset.
  6. You know the servers will be flooded with kids right after Christmas. I am not looking forward to that. I don't mind some 14 to 17 year olds but the screaming 10 to 13 range is what I dread. They should really screen for games better. I don't care what a parent thinks, no kid 13 or under should be playing this game. 14+ depends on the individual.
  7. My last job told me they had plans for me too. I ended up picking up the slack for 3 other workers and never got a raise for it. I told them to stick the position where the sun don't shine soon as I found another job. Just start looking now. Sounds like they want to take advantage of you.
  8. I am all for customizing your horse's accessories, maybe having the mane and tail be braided, cut off, or cut short. I think it is only fair this is as customizable as a car.
  9. I know Rockstar said not to worry about the online end being filled with things you need to pay real money for. They also said the game itself won't be a "cash grab" or "pay to win" game... But until I see it and plat it, I can't help but worry.
  10. So wait... That rumored leaked map was the real deal then? If I remember correctly, it showed the whole upper part of the map there.
  11. This kind of stuff adds length to the game so I wouldn't complain too much about it. Now if it ends up being repetitive and you really don't gain much from it, then I would say yeah that would suck.
  12. Before anything was said or even hinted at, I thought we were going to be playing as John Marston. Like a younger John. This could have easily been the case given the story but I am kind of happy we have someone new to play with.
  13. So many people are speculating another trailer this month but we still have most of October to wait through ya know so they might not give us anything till then.
  14. Same. I like getting gaming tees as I can actually put use to them by wearing them. I don't really like collecting anything cause it feels useless.
  15. I'm sure they will have something like this but it won't be anything too great. Maybe special events they will have special in-game loot but don't expect it on a weekly basis.
  16. I don't need it to be detailed to the point where I can place every freckle and hair follicle on the man's face. What I wouldn't mind them doing is a feature similar to NBA 2k19 where you can use your own face as an option. I suck with these creative things and being able to be someone who looks like me can play a role in the whole "family tree angle" where I am playing as like one of my ancestors.
  17. I will play according to who I am playing with I guess. In GTA I would play serious half the time where I was focused on getting money and all that and then other times I would just drive around causing problems for the NPCs and messing with my friends.
  18. I was going to mention this. It was a common thing that travelers took a dog for alert purposes. I didn't spot any other than a stray mutt in the trailer but that gives me hope. I do love the idea the OP had here.
  19. I am more of a whitehat man. I like to play the hero but I am guessing that Arthur won't be that type. I can sense a transition though, but not a drastic one. I'll likely play the downtime as someone who isn't a gang member vs going around killing everyone and everything in sight.
  20. If we get another trailer and you notice this stuff again, please upload it. I like these kinds of videos and it doesn't seem like many people do them. I guess it takes to research and time to spot things and then you have to make the video for it. Great work on this. How long did it take you?
  21. Looks good. I bet they will be selling these on eBay for a markup. I checked and the only place I see that sells it is on Kindle on Amazon.
  22. #SadCowboy

    Western Films

    One of my favorite movies right there. The cast was great and the story was perfect in my opinion. I can think of any that haven't been named that were good but if I do, I will post them.
  23. You can be anything you want to be on the internet and there will always be people who believe you. You can be honest online and there will always be people who don't believe you.
  24. I mean I wouldn't be opposed to this. It depends on how "progressive" they want to be. For most players, it would be for comedy so it may end up rubbing people the wrong way. I mean men have dressed like women for comedy for centuries. Heck, plays used to only be held and acted by men. Let us have our dresses!
  25. I know the whole gambling thing would be an issue but it would be cool to bet on the two guys dueling cause you know damn well some people back in the day bet on this kind of thing. lol
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