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  1. Rockstar isn't but I can tell you one game that did just this... Call of Duty. The next game, Black Ops 4, will not have a campaign mode. Like at all. lol
  2. LOL Warriors are winning this. The Cavs are a joke. LeBron can't win a championship by himself. Didn't they try this already and fail like 3 other times? I think I smell a sweep coming.
  3. https://www.rdr2.org/news/red-dead-redemption-2-special-editions-official/ I mean I am not seeing a physical copy in this bundle. I think you get a code with the collector's box or am I wrong?
  4. Man, I am going to end up spending more than I intended on this game. I kind of want to get two of the collector's editions. One to keep sealed and one to open. That is going to be so much money though...
  5. Are you talking about having the three characters or how the game progressed cause it still felt the same to me, like how you completed and played through the storyline (aside from having 3 stories come together)? I still think they stuck to their core.
  6. I really want that collector's box. That is slick!! And that horse is clearly not legal for UFC. Holy crap... Thicc boy. lol
  7. I'm not fed up with people. I really don't pay attention to any of this. I have family and friends who get so invested in other people's drama that they are miserable. If people want to fight about trivial things and run around calling each other names like a bunch of kindergarteners it's no skin off my back.
  8. I liked it myself. I just mentioned that in the thread for it. I don't think there is any fault in being excited about the game right now. Are you referencing the delays? There is such a small chance of that happening again.
  9. This makes me want to change my name to #HappyCowboy Really liked this trailer. I liked how they showed differences in emotions throughout multiple characters. I am going to have to watch it a few more times and really look but I think I saw a few more familiar faces in there.
  10. This is the only way I see it being useful. And unless it is part of one or several missions in the main story, I can't see it being a think online either.
  11. I am sure they will have racing in it for sure. Likely bettable too just like the car races in GTA V Online. I am fine with this. Should be fun.
  12. Have they ever done anything at E3 on a bigger scale? I don't really follow it unless I want to see footage for a certain game.
  13. Not a big fan of the lego stuff. The animation is just not my cup of tea. He did a great job and I give him credit for the time he put into it but it all looks the same to me.
  14. I will be honest. I tried it. I gave it maybe 5 hours, playing it two separate days with some friends and I can't get into it. I don't see why people enjoy it so much.
  15. Well yeah it would work and they could make it better than GR if they wanted, but I don't think anyone would like this in a Rockstar game. I think that was mentioned already. A bit late to the conversation on this one but I just don't see people enjoying this.
  16. Saving to the cloud will be ideal and up the speeds. I just don't want the damn slow loading screens again.
  17. I am with you. There needs to be a point to going underground or I want to be up in the mountains. You guys see the scenery? Why be underground!?
  18. Dude's got an ammo holster and speaks clear English. I am not sure where he is from but having Natives in the game is no surprise. There likely won't be any wars between white folks and Natives just like we won't see slaves and slave trading. Not sure why people are even talking about that. lol
  19. They may have down time still but loading periods over all should be better. Don't they have you download most of the game these days? Not sure how it works but I am fairly certain a lot of the loading was down to the size of the game and it not being entirely online. Maybe the online end will be just that, completely online and be saved to cloud storage.
  20. I am sure it will be improved but not on a very large scale. I can't see them adding in storm mechanics for one. That doesn't need to be a thing. Maybe allowing for rain fall to come and go more up north and dusty looking wind more down south where it is dryer.
  21. Not my normal taste but the girlfriend got me into this song. Been listening to it the last few days
  22. Yeah this is something I was considering and saying in the OP. A bit late to be coming back to this thread lol Sorry about that guys. As for the replies, I agree with most of it. I can too see it going down but only for a few hours, not days.
  23. Nah I couldn't find it either. I don't know man I think if it is indeed real that it is down to someone on the inside leaking "ideas" out. This is likely why it was close to what was released but not exactly the same.
  24. I am not sure if this happened all over, but in my area, GTA V's online servers crashed the first week it was open to the public. I think it was down for 2 days if I recall. I am guessing not as many people will be on RDR2 at first since GTA V was a way more popular game and all but still... you think there is a chance they will crash?
  25. There are likely a lot of people who never heard of the first one but upon hearing of the second one, Google is a good friend. Back then, it wasn't as big of a deal when RDR was released. It had some core fans from Red Dead Revolver but it was new to a lot of people and some didn't take the chance playing it.
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