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  1. Next time screen grab it. I always do that to my friends when they do stupid crap on social media, specially when they are drunk. After I know they deleted it and they deny it, I show them I have the proof. HA!
  2. I can dig being the villain as long as it progresses. I mean GTA V you were a criminal so you basically were the bad guy(s). It just never felt like it. Like you were rooting for at least one of the three to do something good and get away with stuff.
  3. So for 10 million, you would sell yourself? I think you just admitted you would do butt stuff too. My man!!
  4. Part of what makes a shooter game of any kind great is not how the guns work or function, but how the bullet is received. Don't you dare screw us over Rockstar, don't you do it. I would be so disappointed in the company if they don't use logical physics.
  5. For 5 million dollars, how much would you do or how far would you go when it comes to breaking your morals? I am not going to sugar coat it, I would do almost anything outside of killing someone. I couldn't do that. Butt stuff? I'd do that. Eating gross things? Yup! I can't really think of anything other than taking someone's life. I guess I wouldn't do something that caused another person harm that they would have to deal with the rest of their lives either.
  6. Know what is truly depressing? We are all dying. We are all dying a slow death. It takes about 75 to 95 years. We will all be there eventually. That is depressing. lol
  7. Don't you push your Google lifestyle on me! I am offended. I might have to go out and protest this. HOW. DARE. YE! I should have known better... lol
  8. So how many days do we have roughly, assuming when they said Spring, they meant May?... I am no good at math. I just feel like it is too many days to count at this point. Damn near a full year.
  9. Good in theory for sure but do I think Rockstar can make this a thing and not have it be one-sided? You will get a big fat NO on that.
  10. My dad once told me if I don't start focusing in school I will end up living in the basement till I hit my 40's. Jokes on him! I am living in my brother's basement!
  11. Dude, of all the cartoony BS kid movies, Wall-E was one of the best! It was so deep and had so much meaning beyond what I could have ever seen being in a kid's movie. So underacted. I find it better than Toy Story and Finding Nemo.
  12. So a lot of it comes down to them having to down scale the game for each of the console's needs?
  13. We are all here because we will be buying RDR2. So say the story mode is spot on, but the online mode is meh. Would that change your overall view of the game?
  14. If I have to pay to be online and play with friends and then pay Rockstar too?... Nope. I may not be hurting for money but I know where not to waste it.
  15. So I was hashing these out on Reddit and another forum a few months back and some people came up with some wild stuff! I thought this would be a good thread on here seeing as this is by far the best RDR forum I have come across. You beat the pants of Reddit and the GTA subsection. Anyways... Anyone got any plot ideas bubbling?
  16. I told my friend who is probably a bigger RDR fan then I, that it would be delayed. He bet me $100 that it is coming out this year. Guess who just bought himself a new phone? THIS GUY. I was waiting for a sale but didn't have to since I gained $100 a few days ago. Should be here Tuesday.
  17. Count me in good sirs. I am down for a free copy. I usually buy more than one anyways. My buddy is always tight on cash cause of his kids so I usually pick him up a copy of whatever games I buy so we can play together.
  18. This is the first time I even seen someone mention this... I never even considered this BUT I believe that she came after John. I could have that mistaken or just made a very horrible prostitute joke...
  19. You did a good job at it! Looks like us RDR fans must stick to the same places online huh? haha
  20. Same. Like it would be harder to not see this than it is. Soon at I compared them myself (prior to this pic), I mean it just matches. Now what I am most concerned about is if John will be a playable character or just one of the side ones that we see throughout the story.
  21. Anything that turns a boy into a pussy. Boys should grow up to be MEN. Sick of this weird shemale dominant trend. Nothing grosses me out more than a girl/woman trying to act "hard" or "manly".
  22. Cleaning isn't suppose to be fun and if it is you are a house wife at heart. Be glad you are not a house wife at heart... Your girl likely wouldn't enjoy that. lol
  23. Boys are growing up to be women and girls are growing up to be men. I am not even referring to the LBGT crowd either. Talking just straight ones. I see more women willing to get into a fight than dudes these days. Pretty scary!
  24. Donnie Darko. It will either make them respectively give movies another chance or make them hate you. lol I enjoyed the movie myself but the first time I saw it I was kind of mad.
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