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  1. I don't think this idea at all. Part of the beauty of being online or playing online games is being able to be anonymous. Maybe it is my inner "screw the man!" mentality but I don't like the idea of taking my face and putting it on a character, then running around shooting other people. Also, given the gun issues in the US, this is something that would put a very bad taste in people's mouths.
  2. I am waiting for them to release an app that allows you to make your own wanted poster of yourself to share on social media for all the glorious likes and self-gratification.
  3. I want Liar's Dice back. If they don't have that in the game I will be very disappointed. I don't know if it was confirmed or not.
  4. Really? It didn't bother you that cars were ridiculous amounts of money and some of the items were either far too expensive or far too cheap? It bothers me a lot. But to be fair, I find reasons to hate things for enjoyment
  5. I'll be a forever lurker. My activity may come and go but I am always on here reading and will be until the plug gets pulled. I don't see that happening for a long time though.
  6. I really can't explain how this whole little scene here where it shows the landscapes makes me feel in my pants This is one of the most beautiful games made thus far. Hands down.
  7. I was thinking about this and knowing how certain games run, how do you think animals and wildlife will function for online servers? Will there be a good amount and they just respawn after say, 3 minutes or so or will they be more scarce than the offline end of the game and take longer to respawn? What do you guys think? I am actually one of those people who would hop on with a few friends and just go hunting together for fun so I am hoping they have enough wildlife and the respawn times are good.
  8. I would actually like them to have two different levels as some people prefer to play more hardcore than others and since this whole gang aspect will be a bigger deal for this game over GTA V, having an option for standard and then hardcore sounds like a good thing to have.
  9. Man that is pretty shitty of people. Like I get the trolling thing, I like trolling people myself but I only troll other players if they are my friends or if they deserved it. If someone is doing a mission, someone you don't know who has done nothing to you in game, let them be.
  10. I mean sure, I get that but what the hell. Why not include a code or something to buy the game from the store you get the collector's edition from. This way the base game is at least paid for by them.
  11. I have a feeling they will just be copy/pasting the combat style from GTA V to RDR2. They put so much focus on everything else in this game that I can really see Rockstar just completely skipping over this one. I guess time will tell.
  12. I highly doubt we will see an online casino just because of all the issues with gambling and the hoops they would have to jump through for those to be on there. I wouldn't mind the option to own cattle and what not to earn money but there is a good chance that they just get mowed down by a rival gang or a random online troll.
  13. Anyone test the waters with this yet? Sounds like they are trying to do what the consoles do now. I could be wrong but I like that this is a feature. Puts a screw to video/voice chat programs. They been getting pretty horrible over the last few years (looking at your SKYPE!).
  14. This is news to me! Oh hell yeah it is! I was just looking at that. I don't even know the plot of the movie, nor do I care. I already want to see it.
  15. Welcome, JustHatched. I love the name of the crew, pretty creative. I was on another forum before joining this one, was not a fan. It may have been Xenforo as well. I think I posted 4 times and just left. Much better here.
  16. How do you think they will prevent people from marketing on it though? I heard that was a huge issue with GTA Online. I didn't play all that much to know. I kind of lost interest when I found out about that hack to get tons of money lol
  17. I'm on the boat with June just because it is a good month to advertise for it or start anyways. It has always been a good month be it for adult-oriented games or children's ones. This is of course for summer and fall releases.
  18. There is a lot to list so here is a link to refresh your memory about the weapons from RDR: http://reddead.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons_in_Redemption I know the bow is going to be something new but what else you think we will get? Any specific guns from the time?
  19. I mean... I am down! They already showed us they don't have an issue with killing off the main character (or one) of the story in both RDR and GTA V.
  20. Man guys. With all the new information, I am not sure what to think but based on what I have read, watched, and heard from people who tested the game... HOLY BALLS! This game is going to be freaking amazing!
  21. ^ I would love that. Like imagine you are mid-cutscene and you get panned from Arthur to John and you get told to hit the button that pulls the trigger. Right after that, you are just on the run of your bloody life. You are on horseback, it is night time, and you have a gang of like 50+ people hunting you down. It would be fricking epic!
  22. I don't mind some customizing options but I am not one to care too much over it for offline stuff. Changing his hair and beard is more than enough. We will likely be able to change his clothing like in the first one. Some will have a purpose as well I am sure just like the poker suit John wore.
  23. Why the hell did I click that? But I agree, I would rather there be issues with the online end then the campaign/story.
  24. That was cool of you to rejoin him. I think a lot of people aren't sure what to think when a much older person is playing video games. There seems to be a stigma about anyone over the age of 35. I think more older people should be encouraged to play them myself. Especially 65+. Keeps the brain sharp.
  25. True. You get the idea of the plot in the trailers they have already released as well. I do want to see come online gameplay for sure.
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