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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't care so much about this? I mean I get it, you want to be able to go in more buildings but for what? If they serve no purpose and have no interactions for them, why?? I would much rather they focus on things we can interact with and do things with.
  2. https://9gag.com/tag/red-dead-redemption-2?ref=search There is some there. I am not sure where people find them all. Check Reddit too. I don't think there is one single place you will find a bunch of memes just for RDR2.
  3. I already had a complaint... The game didn't come out in Fall 2017 like they said originally it would. Most people had that same complaint. With the game actually being out though? I think they will complain about the sweat drops coming off Arthur's five-o-clock shadow aren't realistic enough.
  4. I don't know if they will actually announce all of them. They may introduce a few more before the game comes out but why spoil the fun? We will get to know who the dudes are while we play.
  5. What do you have against tents? (LOL) Yeah this would be pretty BA. I would love and actually prefer to have a small boathouse over a frickin tent.
  6. Yeah I seen this a few times already. These are so many like it. I have not found any new ones for some time now though. Ya know, the poster/game cover memes.
  7. Yup. I appreciated that they did some things that touched on classic films as well. I don't mind them using pop culture in this way. I don't think they will pass up the opportunity to do it again but they can't really touch on the last game considering it happened after this one, story-wise. Then again, they can tie in history I suppose.
  8. I am all for the zombies and what not but we had that in the last game. I want something new and different. Maybe witches and witchcraft? Or more folklore beasts.
  9. There is no reason why school shootings like this should happen. Schools should have better security than banks. With that being said, up the security and get rid of machine guns.
  10. Some other winter storming is hitting up north again. I don't think anyone knows what the hell is going on lol You getting hit by that one OP?
  11. I feel like this delay was to be expected with the lack of news. Had it been going on time, we would have gotten more news on the game in December and January but they were silent both months. I am glad we have a date but it still stings knowing I won't have this game till fall.
  12. Gaming isn't like it was in the 90's, not by a long shot. Honestly, the games have gotten better and more developed but a high number of gamers are horrible. Maybe it is because they are a bunch of crying kids who throw fits to get their way through life and become adults who you just don't want anything to do with.. But that is a different topic for a different time. As par the OP. I think you are getting a bit carried away in the sense that they "aren't trying". If they weren't trying, we would have gotten a copy/paste GTA V game with little updating other than graphics from RDR... Hell, if they weren't trying, why bother with RDR2 at all?
  13. This is all interesting. I am not sure how much will play out but if it all plays out as they say here, there will be a few complaints coming from me.
  14. This is the first time I have seen anyone mention this and trust me, this won't happen. The first people to play the game outside of Rockstar will be the people who buy the game and get it home the quickest on the release day. I know with a lot of other games they do this and I could have seen some light beta testing for the online end being open to external gamers but surely not the story.
  15. We know it is a prequel to the last game so that is why. Nothing more nothing less. I am not sure why people want to over analyze every aspect of the game, specially when we really don't know all that much about it yet.
  16. Nice recap. I really thought there was more to what they told us but looking back they really didn't tell us a whole lot or do a whole lot. Makes me wonder if they just want to keep as much of the game a surprise as they can... Or if something has gone wrong.
  17. Nah we aren't getting none of it here. I see it mostly up north but it isn't going to be as bad as they said. They are always wrong with the weather so who knows really how bad anyone will get hit.
  18. I just want to be able to play the dang game already. A bit OT, I know but it is hard to care about any of this when I know little to nothing about the game ya know?
  19. Tornadoes? LOL no. Everything else, maybe. I can see them upping the snowfall in the cold areas and maybe kicking up some dust/dirt/sand more in the hot spots. I wouldn't mind some thunderstorms either.
  20. Ayyy this is awesome! Where you find it at? I am going to save it and use it as my background on my phone. haha Too gold!
  21. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas with the family, friends, pets, or computers! Mine was okay. I do wish this guy was related to me though. Such a classic.
  22. The only resolution I have is buying and playing RDR2! But seriously, I don't ever set goals or resolutions for myself. I end up making whatever I want to improve 10 times worse.
  23. I'm not worried. That was 2013. They have had plenty of time and advances in the last 4 years to greatly improve it. Even if it ends up being bigger (the online world), the newer consoles and servers will do just fine.
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