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  1. Being a town drunk is part of the charm in the old west. Like I mentioned, it should be more realistic. I would be fine with GTA IV style drunkness even.
  2. So there is a winter storm rolling through west to east in the US this week. I am in the east so I won't be seeing any of it till the weekend but they are saying we might get quite a bit of snow here. I am not too worried about it since it is going to dump on us all at once, so long as the power doesn't go out. I would be screwed then. I had that happen to me last winter and I was so bored I felt like I was going nuts. I am so used to being on my PC or one of my consoles when I am home that I don't do much else here other than eat, shower, and sleep.
  3. Don't forget about that wallet rumor LOL I am sure they will work out the kinks and have it more logically done this time around. It seems like that is one of the aspects of GTA V that got overlooked too much. The system they worked under just doesn't make sense when you play it.
  4. Not that I have seen myself but I am sure quite a number of us will soon as the game comes out. When we are actually able to get out hands on the story and the game in general, it will be a whole other story. I don't come on here often since there is not much to talk about but I do pop in from time to time. Mostly when new is released or a rumor worth talking about pops up.
  5. Yeah that would make sense. Even if they have a lot to do right out the gate, releasing it in small doses help refresh the game every 3 or so months which is what I think they will be aiming for again. They did a decent job keeping GTA online going for a lot of people.
  6. Yeah it sucks but you gotta pass on the torch. These days it seems like the people don't want to accept the torch. No one wants to grow up lol Anyways.. I wish everyone a good Christmas. I likely won't be back on here till after. Got a lot to do the next few days.
  7. We all knew of the gun thing but I completely forgot about the tombstone. It does make me wonder as well. They could have been adding things in with updates though. A lot of games do that. Like weeks or months before we even know about it, it get implemented and then a small patch to enable it gets released. What I would love them to do now is to reveal the release date in GTA V Online for RDR2. I know some people may hate on that but I would personally like to see it done.
  8. Mini games. They stepped up their game keeping GTA interesting with them and I can bet it will be 100x's more fun in an old west setting with horses.
  9. I will believe it when I see it. A lot of gaming devs have lied in the past about this kind of crap. "We won't become one of THOSE games..." and then they do.
  10. I don't get this though. Like they can easily outshine the game and bring in a lot of new fans. They know what works from GTA V too so they had something to build off of and test on.
  11. You guys do anything special? Traditions maybe? My family used to have a good size gathering until my grandparents got sick and later passed away. Now I only spend time with my parents and siblings on Christmas Day and Eve. All the traditions we had other than just getting together have died off. The holiday for me just feels pointless now.
  12. Eh we won't see much of anything for the rest of the year. They don't need to tell us anything. We will likely get another chunk of news in January.
  13. I'm kind of the same way. I will double dip in my food, not wash my hands in my own place, ect. but when people are around I don't do that or if I am in someone else's place I am cleaner. My house my germs, right?
  14. I had a savings going and blew through it recently. Been out of work and it really sucks man. I have to build it back up soon. I like to have money set aside for things I want, emergencies, ect. You can guess who's family will be getting a Grinch this year. I won't have much of anything to spend on xmas gifts now.
  15. It think it depends on when it gets released. I think it is ideal to have both ready to go out the gate simply because some people will only be buying it to play online with friends. Waste of a game? Sure, but you have to consider those kinds of gamers.
  16. I think he was referencing it to how it worked in their latest game... Could be wrong. Either way, I think allowing us to move more is ideal. You remember what it was like to get hammered in RDR?
  17. This. No point in making a separate platform to host leaderboards on for a game that falls under Rockstar.
  18. I doubt it seeing as they been so good at keeping us in the dark with everything else. Maybe something small that will be predictable anyways.
  19. Yeah you would think they would be looking to grab everything people enjoyed on GTA V as far as game mechanics and working it in RDR2 as well as LA Noire if possible.
  20. Same for me. Nothing else has stuck with me and I have watched a ton of horror films. I feel like the fact that it is simple plays a huge role in it.
  21. I am kind of most excited for the trains. That seems like it will be a hell of a lot of fun to pull off as a gang!
  22. Based on the trailer it would make sense that Nebraska is a part of this. Did you see them mountains!? Here is an example:
  23. This is why GTA couldn't compare to RDR. The dialog alone was so poetic and deep. It really hits you and makes you feel for the characters. It makes you love some, hate some, and even envy some.
  24. If not this Thursday than next Thursday. Sucks it feels like we have been waiting so long. They haven't given us nothing and no one has leaked a peep of anything.
  25. Rockstar is known to say things and not deliver though. I think most devs have done this over the years. This is likely why they are being so hush hush on the game. They don't want to make promises and have it backfire.
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