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Yesterday was my B-day!!


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3 minutes ago, DiamondDave said:

Happy Birthday!  I hope your birthday went well for you and you got some cool things for it. I don't remember my 16th. 

Every day we draw closer to death together! 😂😂🤔😒😢

At least its together lol, but thanks man !

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19 minutes ago, sLLiMM said:

I'm officially 16 years young !!

Happy belated birthday!

10 minutes ago, DiamondDave said:

I don't remember my 16th.

I still can (kind of)!

Feels like just a couple years ago, but it's been a decade... Now I feel like an old man... Where's @Kean_1 to make me feel young again?!?!

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6 minutes ago, BropolloCreed79 said:

Alcohol can do that for you, too.

Although I wouldn't be the only one, they frown upon that here at work...

Barely doing anything all day is hardly a problem, just as long as I'm not drunk.

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Hope you had a great birthday bro. My birthday was yesterday too! Only yesterday from today, not the day you posted the thread. I'd like to enjoy a 16-year-old birthday again but I am knuckle deep into adulthood now so my birthdays consist of happy birthday texts and getting embarrassed at work. 

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