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Make exploring great again


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Exploring in RDO is unprofitable, and lack-lustre (esp compared to solo story).  Yet it needn't be so - here's my list of easy solutions:

1 Randomize loot found in shacks (no new server farming) 

2 Double cash value of jewellery at fence

3 Add in chance to find high value items, like: gold nuggets, treasure maps, saveable clothing and hats, recipe pamphlets, horse tack, pelts, herb bundles, and rare melee weapons

4 Open up more buildings, too many are closed

5 Have the possibility of people being in the shacks

6 Bring back two series of Collectibles connected to challenge rewards, cigarette cards and dinosaur bones being good choices

7 Bring back sites of interest: tree carvings, crashed flying machines, giant bones, rock carvings, man made mutant, pagan ceremony etc

8 Return life to towns by bringing back: beggars, pamphleteers, public hangings, preachers

9 Put weird strangers around the place, like the butchers creek banjo mutant, the bayou ghost, the crazy river preacher, and the blind seer

10 Put the shows on again: Valentine, Blackwater and StDenis

11 Put a butcher in Annesburg, a doctor in Blackwater, and a trapper in the Grizzlies.

12 Have saloons sometimes sing camp songs, or Cripps sometimes sing at camp, or buskers in towns singing

13 Have upgraded saddle bags that allow you to carry double number of herbs

14 Have more canoes available across the world

15 Increase the spawn rate of bandit camps and ambushes a little, double the loot found on their bodies


All of those should be relatively easy, especially given most existed in the solo.  

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Nah, let's just build a wall around everything and forget all the bad aspects of the game within the wall.. Wait.. 

The title made me LOL and think of that. I like all your ideas there and I hope the end result is a polish game that both single players online can enjoy exploring by themselves and people who are in gangs can have a blast fighting each other. 

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Yes to any and all of that list Poggy, each one of those suggestions would add goodness to the RDO experience without a doubt. I could add one more - just let Cripps speak, or better still, respond! All that silence in camp unsettles me, make him play his harmonica, fart occasionally, anything!

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I have totally gone back to the solo game.  The PvP stuff is fun... for a while.  But what made RDR2 so great was the immersive world they had created.  Online is a sad shell of that world.  There is no real reason to hunt, fish, rob, hijack, craft, or to do just about anything outside of FFA pvp.  Posses are largely pointless in any long term sense. 

Add to that, all of the glitches and exploits currently in the pvp game, such as ghost walls, varmint rifles being the best weapon in the game, xp and money exploits, (It is ridiculous that you can climb up on a building and spend hours killing an endless chain of npc cops with little or no risk) (It is also ridiculous that you can join a FFA pvp session, go essentially afk, and collect money and xp) and so on, simply makes the game, for me, a joke. 

I hope R* begins introducing more immersive content online soon.  And fixes the damn exploits.  There are better pvp shooter games out there. If that is all RDR2O is meant to be that's fine.  I got my money's worth with the solo game already and I will just be happy with that and move on.     

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The difference between the RDO beta and some others is that RDO is actually a work in progress.  

Of course they will have more content, activities and options in the future.  It makes sense that they would stress test before implementing more of these components.  Once we are through the holidays I suspect we will begin seeing more updates rolling out and perhaps in rapid succession.

I suspect they have components of the game already ready to go for the most part and are simply waiting for the right time to release, test, etc.

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That's great.  However, due to these exploits and and glitches we already have people with huge advantages over others. Such as, being level 200 because you spent hours hiding behind ghost walls killing at will and largely without risk, while everyone else tried to play fair.  So, new content comes out and these folks immediately leap ahead of everyone else in terms of access and availability to the new content and upgrades.  

If they really were interested in "stress testing" the beta and identifying all of the glitches and exploits first, they should not have closed the door on a potential reset by opening the gold store before they were done. 

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