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  1. I don't bother looting the bodies either, even if you got them all it's like 4 bucks. I spend my time after a shootout picking up and dropping the dead bodies into the campfire. It sends a message (not quite sure what that message is) and makes the area smell lovely. I suggest you try it.
  2. Sorry for the looooooooong delay in response Peppino. I've been away from the game, waiting for an update. Back on now though, lol. Happy hunting.
  3. I totally agree with you that visually it was stunning to watch but it was lacking context and continuity. To me, none of it mattered when considering all of the loose ends and unanswered questions that remained. They spent years "developing" characters and story lines and never used what they developed them in to. I'm used to tv and movies omitting book material, but this show omitted it's own material.I said I was not going to rattle off my list, but there's just so many things left on the table from this series..... LIke why spend all that time with Arya to not use her face swap skill when it was needed most? I mean, they didn't even really talk about what she did to the Freys. Quaithe tells Dany, beware of the pale male. They then show and make a huge focal point of Arya with said pale mare.... and nothing comes from it. Zero explanation for all those spirals of body parts left by the night king. The book and the show hint at Tyrion being a Targaryen, but nothing comes of it. They show hint safely approaching the 2 chained dragons and leave it at that. Varys' letters to the living lords of westeros about Jons true name go nowhere. Was Dany pregnant? The Prince that was promised? The red priests, what happened to them and their mission? Quaithe, did anything she said serve a purpose? Bran's warging, also, seemed to serve no purpose since they didnt tell us what he saw Crastor's babies, forgot about them and how they become walkers Jon being a targaryen didn't matter I guess? Podrick's ...um.. "gift"? Jaqen's motives? nadda Illyrio promised support for Dany when she landed in Westeros, how'd that go? Meera and Howland Reed. gone in to the sunset Dorne has a new prince, can we get a name? What exactly did the night King want? Because if he only wanted to Kill Bran he could have done that when he was north of the wall. What is the purpose of the Nights watch now? Prophecies? nah..... Also.... this is about a 10th of my list, ugh.
  4. I've been following this series since the first book came out in the late 90's. Loved the show until the last few seasons. It gutted me to see the story treated this way. This season was an absolute joke, plagued with lazy writing and loose ends. There are so many questions and inaccuracies it's embarrassing. I've got a list 2 days long that I'm not typing because it just frustrates me lol. The fact that David Benioff is responsible for that abomination of Deadpool from Wolverine Origins explains a lot. He has zero respect for source material. At least these writers won't be involved with the prequel series, though they will be destroying star wars next.
  5. I've been sticking to the south for animal hunting. I do pretty well in this area with a lot of different animals (deer, birds, small game, lots of hawks to be found here. Good luck!
  6. I like this idea. They would need to put add few safeguards to prevent it from being a trolling tool or being used as bait. Color coding the dots to match the person who pinged it would be easy enough to eliminate it being used as bait. Also, if you hover over the location on the map it should tell you what's in it, to prevent trolls making you travel to a location for a 1* rat carcass or something.
  7. Money, not really. You're best bet is to visit one of the houses in that map above that has jewlery and farm that.
  8. That's one heck of a first post.Thanks and welcome to the forums.
  9. Yes, that's the map I use. They're about 50/50 accurate, so I sub in info from myself and other sources.
  10. Sadly it's most likely because R* wants us to buy them with purchased gold. It's almost the same way in GTA,you can't own or sell stolen super cars. They only let you keep the super low level cars. I guess in RDR2 they figured no one would want to keep the junk horses, so they didn't even make it an option.
  11. Nice. I'm curious if the items stay the same. There have been rumors of loot being random, I'm curious to see if there's any truth to it.
  12. I was asking because when I switched from my xbox one to my Xbox one x I noticed the fog was more pronounced, by alot. Thought that maybe was what you were seeing. That being said, I like the fog, makes for good screen shots.... to keep me occupied until they add more stuff. lol
  13. Just looted this tonight, confirmed it works when changing servers. It's in Strawberry, right next to the jail. No jewelry, but a pretty good haul. How's this for one house? Fine brandy, rum, moonshine, potent bitters, cigars, horse reviver, horse stimulant, express rounds, potent snake oil, hair pomade, cocaine gum, cigarettes, health cure, crackers and a few other things I'm sure I missed.
  14. That spot was my go to, shame. The Mayors house in Saint denis was a good spot. I'll poke around for more and post the locations once I confirm they are still active.
  15. Are you playing this on an xbox one X by chance?
  16. I think PS4 and Xbone handle this in different ways. I'm on Xbone and have been using the block feature successfully since Modern Warfare 2. From what I can tell, the block system is working on RDR2 for me. I think every now and then the system will be forced to choose between pairing you with a blocked person or excessively delaying your wait time to get into a game. My guess is it's probably set to override a block so we aren't waiting 20 minutes to get into a game, lesser of two evils.
  17. Hit me up on Xbone and I'll take you around to show you how to avoid people and grind for some cash.
  18. I'd love businesses. The chance to run a full on cattle ranch would be amazing.
  19. Hearing from multiple people that the money they earned from this glitch is now gone, but items they purchased remained. Only money earned on duped cougars was as taken, other money remained.
  20. Welcome to the forum Cpt. I'm with Kreg, the daily challenges are basically forcing people to hunt other players. The lower levels are most likely just trying to grab whatever the prize is for completing them all. Tumbleweed is my safe haven as well, it's usually quiet and tons of birds to hunt as well. Also, spawning into the town furthest from where you want to play and then fast traveling to your actual spot works great most of the time. I spawn into Blackwater and then fast travel to Rhodes, usually puts me by myself for a long time.
  21. We need a Thlike button for posts like this where I want to thank the poster, but also like the content...lol Good stuff, I'm doing it now.
  22. I experienced this most during story mode. But once I beat the game I turned off my xbox, got off the couch more, and ate less junk food I noticed I was back down to my normal wait. Seriously though, my character is always under weight, no matter how much I eat.
  23. 2. Just want to explore and grind (kind of wish I had a private instance at times)
  24. Since RDR2 is new territory, I'll call back to what I remember from the GTA money glitches. In all my years playing GTA, I only remember them wiping cash one time and it was due to 4 pretty extreme money glitches/hacks that triggered their response. People glitched for billions, not millions, crazy stuff. And even then, all they did was wipe the bank accounts, not the cars, properties or levels. One hack involved people joining servers and literally dropping cash bags on random players. That happened to me, I joined a server and some random walked up to me, dropped like 40 money bag items which my character auto picked up. I had about 400 million after the random did that. About 2 weeks later they zero'd my bank account, but left everything I purchased with the money (and man did I buy alot) intact. Keep in mind that this was years before they started selling shark cards. I imagine that wiping accounts is a little more difficult when it involves people who bought in game cash. From what I've seen, to me it seems that R* rides the wave of wipe rumors in hopes that people avoid the glitches. I could be wrong, but I don't see them wiping accounts for the glitches I've seen so far.
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