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Possible spoiler in online glitch


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Hi again. Recently I've been seeing lots of ships in weird places, sometimes sticking straight up out of the ground, but last night I came across this in New Austin. My mate assures me it's not a glitch but left over from a mission but I don't remember seeing any flying contraptions.
What do you think?



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Wasn't that in RDR? It rings a bell, but not from this one. The only flying was the balloon, which I'm still crossing my fingers will reappear.


Btw I had great fun with those boats yesterday, the ones hanging about Roanoke Ridge. One had just its bow sticking out of the ground, but every time I climbed up on it it would catapult me about thirty feet away, I was like the human cannonball. I did it loads cos it was blirriant. But generally they just spook me.

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He later clarified that it was from RDR (which I haven't played but might buy a PS3 cos they're great and cheap).

Haaa, those ghost boats. I was crossing a river and to my right was one up in the air. It's alright Polly, my horse, it's just more modernity. God-damn progress! :D


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Hehe, yeah, no clues, Cory. And I agree, it has to be an Easter egg, Kean. There's scrape marks on the ground. Those other boat glitches are inexplicable and don't blend in.
They gotta have some plans for airborne though, that hot-air balloon mission was insane. Might pop in on Marko Dragic, that mad professor from story mode and see if he can remote me up some airborne missiles.
Heeee! Whatever they do it's gonna be fun. Will there be a Friday update? Hmmmm, I hope so but well, I can wait, level up in the meantime. Save up for a winged horse, perhaps.
Hope not, lol. :D


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I ran across that same "plane". Took a pic of it as well. If you notice on mine there's a name "Charles Kinnear". According to this http://reddead.wikia.com/wiki/Charles_Kinnear


Charles Kinnear
Gender Male
Location Nuevo Paraíso
Status Deceased
Affiliations John Marston, Jack Marston
Weapon Unarmed
Voice Actor Patch Darragh

Charles Kinnear is a minor character and Stranger featured in Red Dead Redemption and mentioned in Red Dead Redemption 2. He appears in and gives the player the Stranger side-mission "Deadalus and Son".


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