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The next Red Dead Redemption game



So, I was thinking after playing the game and seeing how amazing it is with all the enhancements and additions and npc ai etc..

How great would it be to have them next release another pre quil?

So the next game starts when Dutch meets Hosea, and then after a chapter or two, they met up with Arthur, as a 15 year old  kid, the story would show how Dutch met Hosea, and what he was doing a few years before that, and then takes you til you meet Arthur and then goes on all the way up til the Robbery at Blackwater that sets the events of RDR2 in motion, it would end as you escape Blackwater for the MTs, it woudl show Jenny, Mac and Davey, their roles in the gang, how they died, etc..

The game beckons for more story, and there is alot of story left on the bone here, just keep going backwards.

If they did follow this path, you would get the next gen game on the new console coming out in a year or two, with even better flowing graphics and ai.

by the time that game was released, added onto etc.. would be 5 years from now? maybe less? and then maybe an anniversary edition of the original story replayed on the latest game engine and graphincs after that to wrap up the story mode in High Quality.

So you get rdr2 in 2018, rdr3 in 2022/23, and then in 2024, 20 years after its original release you get the re released RDR in native 4k, remapped, all enhancements etc.. 

They could be working on rebuilding the original with a special team in the background while production on rdr3 goes on simultaneously.

Anyway just a fantasy,

Obviously a company like Rockstar has many considerations to make and profits have to be the driving force, not nostalgia or love for the game.

Our only hope is that it continues to be money maker well into the future.

I think it will have special considerations, like Goldeneye, it will be remembers as the game that changed everything, the game that took open world design to a whole new level.

This would make me very happy, if they did something like this, another prequel, completing the story, from Dutch beginning his life on the road as a 15 year old kid when he left home and his mother in Philadelphia, to when he met the guys and formed the gang, and how that happened, how they met, according to the stories you get in rdr2.

Fingers crossed that they dont get it in their head to fall in love with another project and pour all these great advancements into another project leaving rdr2 behind, and remembered as the game that introduced this level of open world game play.


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These games are GaaS models (games as a service) and R* has set the benchmark with GTAO as they will no doubt with RDO.  

An RDR3 is likely many years into the future.  Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if RDR2/RDO is re-released in a remastered version for next gen consoles like GTAV was.  ......depending of course when those are scheduled.

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Hey all,

Arthur's death was one of the most drastic emotional crush I had in my gaming life. I could not play no more. But here I tell you that we will play as Arthur Morgan again in RDR3. The settings will start when Dutch found Arthur in the first place. We will play a bit as Dutch and the rest as Arthur when he is young until before 1899. 


Here is the doctor healing a patient who could never heal Arthur



RDR2 Trailers 2160p


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I have said all along, the prequel's prequel needs to be next.

Let's see a 15 year old Arthur meet up with Hosea and Dutch in NY and see things go from there up til Blackwater and the things that were going on during that time, like Hosea and Arthur's real estate scam, etc.. and also, it would be nice to see at what point Bill and Micah join the gang after Arthur.

So many times when Bill says something like, questioning Arthur's loyalty or calling him a traitor I wanted Arthur to remind ole Bill that Arthur has ridden with Dutch longer than any of them and they should take heed in his feelings / warnings about dutch acting strange and derailed.

Id also like to see them re-map the first game, RDR with this engine graphics, physics and compendium, I mean they already did all the work, its their, so it is simply a matter of taking what they have and putting it to this engine, despite the fact that it would take a lot of work and cost money, I dont think it would cost nearly as much as it would to develope from scratch and as a result, the sales dont need to be like RDR2  but I think the core players would buy the game again if it were redun like this game, I know I gladly would, but I also know Im dreaming, I would just love to go from RDR2 right into RDR and not change anything, I want to go from Beechers as it is  and go with the agents to start rdr.

I bought rdr over again to play it after playing this game and lovong it so much, and I just can not get into it, the fauna especially everything unfortunately is too dated and limited compared to rdr2, on its own, it looks great, but after playing rdr2, it is super hard to get into anything less.


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