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Red Dead Online Updates & DLC History


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Red Dead Online is the multiplayer game attached to, and released slightly after, Red Dead Redemption 2. It covers the same in-game area and shares most gameplay mechanics with the single player portion, but allows players to create their own character and interact with one another in the game world. Rockstar Games previously used a similar formula with GTA Online.

In another similarity with GTA Online, Red Dead Online has received frequent content updates which are free for all players, adding new gameplay, new items or new features in order to keep the game fresh and keep players coming back.

Red Dead Online became available in November, but was launched as a beta. Rockstar placed major emphasis on player feedback during this beta period in order to improve the game for full release.

Red Dead Online's beta phase ended on May 14, 2019 with the release of the largest title update up until that point. Prior to the end of the beta phase, Red Dead Online was updated with several smaller content additions and frequent DLC releases continued afterward.



Gun Rush

As first DLC released for Red Dead Online, the Gun Rush showdown mode took a great deal of inspiration from the Battle Royale trend that was hot at the time. Red Dead Online shipped with a similar mode, Make It Count, but lacked firearms.

February 26 Title Update

This update implemented a host of tweaks and features that went beyond new gameplay content. New anti-griefing measures were added, though later these turned out to cause a few problems of their own. New weapons, clothing items and daily challenges were also added to the game giving players new ways to earn RDO$ and gold.

Fool's Gold

The Fool's Gold free roam event was added in this update, which tasked players with killing as many opponents as possible while wearing the shiny golden armor suit that gives the mode its name. The Evans Repeater was also added to the game.


Spoils of War

Spoils of War was a new Showdown Mode which put a spin on traditional capture the flag rules by tasking players with looting supplies from the enemy camp. New clothing items were also added in this DLC.

Free Roam Fishing Challenge

Contrasting the competitive and violent Showdown Modes and free roam events added in previous DLCs, this particular update introduced a peaceful new PvP activity. The new Free Roam Fishing Challenge tasked players with catching the most fish in weight by the end of the timer.

Target Races

Target Races combined riding and shooting into a new challenge, where players had to worry about more than just reaching the finish line first. Shooting the targets lining the track from horseback is necessary to score in this mode, and firing on your opponents to gain an unfair advantage is also a valid tactic. Open Target Races were also added, but remained exclusive to PlayStation 4 for 30 days.


Up In Smoke

This particular Showdown Mode hands members of opposing teams explosive packages that they need to deliver to the enemy camp in order to destroy it. Whichever team succeeds in blowing up the other camp first wins. New clothing items were also added.


Red Dead Online was updated with yet another Showdown Mode, this time setting up a three-way battle between a trio of teams as they struggle to secure the most supplies from the center of the map, while protecting their stockpiles from prospective thieves. New clothing items were also added.


Launch Title Update

This major update marked the end of the beta period for Red Dead Online. It included a continuation of the A Land Of Opportunities story mission chain, a new Showdown Mode, new daily challenges, new clothes, weapons, emotes and a number of new and revised anti-griefing features designed to iron out the issues with the previous measures. Poker was also finally added after vocal requests from the fanbase.

This list will be continually updated.

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