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It's fall, which means new seasonal brews are available!


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Fall is my favorite time of the year.  It's when brewers stop foisting their horse-dung infused IPA's upon the masses and focus on porters and stouts.

To that end, I'm curious as to what everyone is looking forward to, from the smallest craft brewer to the largest macro brew.  What has you excited?  Is there something that's caught your eye?  Is there a beer we should all avoid like a job fair hosted by O'Driscolls?

For me, the king remains Deschutes' The Abyss.

Special occasions or celebrations, I'm bringing this along.  It blows me away every time.


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I dunno....  A lot of microbrewers seem to try too hard to be different and add all sorts of components I (personally) don't associate with a good beer.  I guess I got put off from trying these types of beers by the masses of "horse-dung" brews as you call them.  I'm sure there are some good ones out there but I just tend to stick with beers that are not infused with all that other "stuff".

......now, wine is a different story for me as long as they are not the really "spicy" types typical of Syrah, etc.  

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My favorite season for many reasons and one of them being fall brews. I usually get some real nice ones locally. I am a new fan of coffee brews being that I enjoy coffee quite a bit. Though it is not for everyone. My brother loves coffee more than I do and he thinks these brews taste like the back end of a horse in the summer heat, his words not mine. 

I don't know where anyone is located here but this is one of my favorites in NY:


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2 minutes ago, EjectedCasings said:


There can only be one

Oh cool.....  Haven't seen that one before but Im not a big soda drinker.  ....I do love cranberry though.  I'll have to have my wife keep an eye out.  Show usually buys the Ocean Spray pure Cranberry juice.  ......never understood the cocktail variety where they add all that sugar and other crap.  Their pure juice drinks are sweet enough and even then I'll usually dilute them a bit with water & ice.

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