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Was this beta tested


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5 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

You're a bit vague about "these problems", but since there's a gazillion permutations of PC hardware out there, it's kind of hard to test.

But yes, there's a boatload testing that goes on.

Vague about all the problems in the PC section of this forum since launch...ummm, okay.

I know a whole boatload about beta testing too and most of "these" problems would have been found through beta testing.

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The game was in Beta on consoles from November till sometime in April or May IIRC. Of course there are going to be issues when it gets ported to a new platform. Give it a few weeks for them to iron out most of the major bugs, and in the meantime submit a ticket to Rockstar.

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4 hours ago, Cliffs said:

Yeah, all the AAA game devs test pc games on the console version.




*puts on spectacles*


I said:

23 hours ago, EjectedCasings said:

Of course there are going to be issues when it gets ported to a new platform. 

There's no way to address all the bugs before release. The best way to get the bugs fixed is by submitting a ticket to R*.

Also, they didn't develop the game on the console...


If you're being serious, that is.

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Well yeah, they have likely been testing it for over a year now and online at least for the last 6 months. Like mentioned, PCs are not all the same and there are bound to be issues. They are not a PC gaming company don't forget so you can't expect them to get it right out the gate.

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On 11/14/2019 at 3:53 AM, Cliffs said:

With all these problems most players are having, I am having a hard time thinking this was really beta tested for any length of time.

Not a PC player im on Xbox, but welcome to the world of red dead where you get to see exactly how shitty Rockstar and its team truly is when it comes to being developers. They dont know wtf they're doing and they are horrible with communicating with the community and actually hashing out meaningful content. not sure if you are subject to these "weekly updates" of redundant bounty hunter missions, but yeah the beta was basically a demo and probably 10x worse than release date, but nonetheless red dead online is still pretty damn boring and works against people actually trying to make Gangs/crews and RPs immersive as they'd like. 


you'll meet people who hate the game but are still hanging on in hopes that they will step up, people who dont really care as they just casually play the game and then you'll have the brown noser who are so far up rockstars ass they cant see anything


anyways welcome to red dead where issues will never get fixed (unless its an exploit that benefits players) until their  "big" update 7 months from the last "big" update and during which they will have little to no communication with the fan base. Nor will you ever know which feedback they have taken into consideration.

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