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  1. My thoughts exactly. People would just be losing their minds like children in the backseat of a car... ARE WE THERE YET?! ARE WE?! COME ON MOM! I HAVE TO PEE!
  2. I thought I was tripping when I first heard one. I couldn't imagine the song the dude was playing was a Christmas song but sure enough, my gal verified it for me.
  3. Have you tried asking Rockstar? I will be on my game in a bit so I will check again. Last time I was buying stuff, I was able to use mine.
  4. Which two did you already do? I had an issue with my 3rd one as well but I don't know if that was down to me doing something wrong or a bug, I eventually was able to do it though and the 4th one was no issue.
  5. Yeah use the app. I think they might be in the middle of updating the site or something. I would ask but they likely wouldn't respond anytime soon.
  6. I still enjoy watching Home Alone, so what! Hope you all have a great Christmas. I probably won't be on before then so thought I would say it now. Wishing you all some good times, great gifts, banging food, and no family feuds. I got a long drive myself so I am not looking forward to it but I plan on going to bed early Christmas Eve. Feel free to just use this as a general Christmas thread if you want. Wish others Merry Christmas, share what you got for other and what they got for you, talk about the food you'll be having, anything goes!
  7. I get that. I mean I get bored too. I have been in poker tournaments where I was at the last table and just didn't care anymore about the money so I kept going all in lol I just wanted to be done with it. Very few things I can sit still and do while still enjoying it.
  8. Boxing. MMA is just caged fighting. I think boxing is more of a sport. I have more respect for boxers than people who just know how to fight well. Keyboard or Controller (for playing video games)
  9. I noticed it tends to happen more on servers that have collective groups targeting people. I had it happen to me 3 or 4 times I think. I don't get mad about it, I just remember the username and get them back later. lol
  10. I mostly just stick to gang hideouts for solid bursts of XP. You just have to watch out for other players. Some of them might be trolls looking to pick you off after you do all the work.
  11. Ghost Bison for me as well. I just love the tribal aspect of it. It looks old west but also with a hint of war Indian.
  12. Looks like the old girl has a bad case of mange or something. I never had one of them but I have seen them. I thought they were ill or something so I didn't bother with them.
  13. I thought it was odd that anytime I customized a knife or gun, it would just get pushed to the back of my inventory. I wonder if this was a bug/glitch or something in the game. I was able to find them but I just thought it was odd.
  14. The gambler ones are insanely tedious but like X S mentioned, you basically just made it harder for yourself by killing the NPCs. Wait until after you get through it to unleash your anger and frustration lol
  15. I seen some as well and the one time I did catch a cougar or wolf, can't remember which it was attacking a deer. So I would guess it was another animal.
  16. I suggest making notes. I missed a few things that I couldn't do again so I wrote them down. I plan on playing the second time through much slower. I'll be doing the game over during the holiday break I get from work.
  17. I am not 100% certain so someone may have to verify this but I think you need items to make some of the things on your list there. I didn't spend a whole lot of time messing with my wardrobe to know the specifics of what you can buy and/or wear.
  18. Sleeping in like oversleeping? If so I would rather take a nap. Anytime I sleep in I feel like crap the rest of the day and my sleep schedule gets all out of whack. Chrome Books or Laptops?
  19. Well, at least it wasn't Fortnite. LOL I can see why GoW won but I still can't get over the amount of detail and work that went into RDR2. Maybe if it came out earlier in the year it would have won.
  20. I didn't know about this. Going to have to go check it out. Do you know what happens if you went with the dark side instead? I think I ended up being a bit of a villain in this game. lol
  21. If this wasn't a search and actually in the game, then I would think that was pretty cool but it was just a random result on Google. The name "Cornwall" was common back in the old west as well.
  22. So is everything capped? I really hadn't been paying much attention to this and just been doing what I wanted and watching everything go up and down. I didn't realize you can only go so "high or low" on the honor scale for each individual thing.
  23. I still like John more overall but Arthur certainly is up there with my top favorite characters from Rockstar games. I'd likely pin him in 3rd or 4th overall.
  24. Some of the missions alter your attire slightly if the story calls for it but it should revert back. If it doesn't it was likely down to a corruption in the last save file, this is my guess anyways.
  25. I got it done to me a few times. I screwed up once and the dude got away. I love how annoying yet funny this feature is in the game. Hoping to see it be an option online... Sneak up on other players or "play nice" and just swipe their pockets haha
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