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  1. I know a lot of shows start up in January after the holiday season. I haven't been watching much lately. I am trying to find some new shows to get into for when I have some downtime. Anyone know of anything good coming out in early 2019?
  2. Why not use OBS to do your streaming? It is free and very easy to just set up and stream things. If you want to stream your Xbox One S, you'll have to get the Twitch app for that. Not sure if you can do YouTube as well.
  3. My mind went there too brother... I just didn't want to say anything. Don't want to give the misses a reason to worry. I already give her enough reasons to think... oh never mind. lol
  4. Yeah same here. I want them to go as deep as they can with stuff like this just to make the game worth playing several times. I plan on playing it through two times at least but if I can get different stories and actions from different things I do, I will play it more than that.
  5. Looks good whatever you did. I like the streaking effect in the red. Gives it that RDR touch without making it identical.
  6. I haven't read anything on this but I would imagine there will be just so there isn't one gang on an entire server. Say the server allows like 60 players on at once, I would imagine the gang limit will be set to 12. That means 5 gangs can be on the server if everyone has max members.
  7. I don't want to see anything become so OP online that you can't walk 10 feet without having your limbs blown off. I hope they stick to allowing less ammo for stronger guns, making it more expensive to buy and harder to find.
  8. I guess you will likely start by having trusted mates, enemies, and shifty cons around. You'll have to choose to work with or against people and this can have a domino effect throughout the game. Say you have the option to save a guy but you accidentally kill a horse... the horse belonged to his father and now his father feels you owe debt because of it. Things of that nature.
  9. Oh wow, I just noticed the logo was changed. I do like this design. Nice work man. This your own custom font?
  10. If you wear cowboy clothing, does that make you ranch dressing? Is this how this thread works?
  11. The weather system itself wasn't bad in RDR, it was just lacking. They don't need to go overboard, just make it feel more realistic and random. I'd be happy with that.
  12. I didn't even think of that. I might just post the question on Reddit for laughs after the game comes out. I would imagine it would get a lot of attention and we can all laugh at the answers here. lol
  13. Well for me, it depends on the game. Most games cost $60. If it is a game that I can't see myself enjoying longer than a month or two, I will likely wait until I catch it at 50% off. If I am going to pay full price for a game, I have to be able to enjoy it for at least 4 to 6 months. Online games need to be at least 6 months of enjoyable play no matter the price.
  14. Using hacks and cheats when it is just you or you and a buddy is fine but when you do it on a public server, it is just shitty for other players and it is something that, out of respect to other people enjoying the game, you simply shouldn't do. How do you expect to get any better cheating?
  15. I was going to post the aliens meme in here but I was beaten to it. I am not sure how I view the topic. I look through a lot of history and there has always been some kind of "non-human" worship even if it had nothing to do with religion. The Ancient Egyptians (as mentioned), the Mayans, and the Ancient Greeks... Plenty of others too they all had their "gods" some of which looked nothing like humans.
  16. This is specifically online though and there were a few dogs in the trailers just not interacting with anyone I believe.
  17. This is the part I am most intrigued about. We are going to see members stabbing each other in the back left and right as well as Arthur possibly playing on both sides.
  18. That is one of the most HQ gifs I have ever seen. Most of them are overly optimized and look fuzzy. What movie is this from? I recognize it.
  19. I'm not bothered by it being in the game. I think it would be fitting and you best believe it is something I would play around with. I know the game is fake and the story isn't real but the realism and realistic aspects of it and the time it was set in are the reasons I enjoy playing games like this. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows.
  20. This may piss some people off but I have said for the longest time that generally consoles are overrated. In comparison to computers and what you can do now on a PC with gaming vs consoles, it is no contest. I play on both and enjoy both for different reasons but I still think that consoles are overrated. It is more of a convenience buy than anything if you ask me. If all the games I liked were available on PC, I wouldn't own a console.
  21. I want to ask because I don't think I am alone here, but who here thinks ketchup is gross with eggs? I have a friend who always eats it with his breakfast foods and it turns my stomach. I know it is something they do commonly in the UK, but it is rare to see someone liking this in the US... At least from where I am standing.
  22. I would like to see dogs play some kind of role online. It doesn't have to be as in depth as Far Cry or anything like that. Small features like this make online games more appealing longterm for me.
  23. It the main story this is fine but online, you are about spot on here. No one is going to want to deal with it. Who is going to want to buy a new hat every time someone shoots it off if they can't get it before being gunned down or it "blows" away or something?
  24. I mean if they are doing "skins" for weapons, that doesn't necessarily = customization we are in control of. Like they can easily release packs of different kinds of weapons and clothes we have to pay for... I fully expect this to happen.
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