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  1. The only thing that drove me nuts was when it would take awhile to load and then just kick me. I got pretty pissed over that. I get it was their first run at a major online end GTA but still. As long as that crap don't happen, I will be a happy camper. If it does, prepare for a novel size thread of me complaining.
  2. I'm not big on them but I like them to be fun or even funny so anything "meme like" I would be happy with. Not all of them, but a few nice laughs in the mix would be appreciated.
  3. You like it in the US... You sure you are a real Canadian? LOL So many people seem to hate America these days. I say hate the people not the land... Or rather not the people, but what they do. Well you get the idea. lol As for me, just spending time with the family. Likely be out all day Christmas. I don't mind it.
  4. I don't think this is what the OP was asking about... But yeah, OP I have. A bit late here. I bought a scorpion for my brother as a gift. He came intact and healthy. Just have to be careful who you deal with.
  5. You are overthinking it too much. Just wait it out. I wouldn't be so worried this early on. He is the main character but they know how to tell great stories even with the most bland characters. Look at GTA V's Michael. He was so bleh but he worked well in the story.
  6. I am on another forum, unrelated to RDR2, and I am trying to find some icons. They have to be free and be able to be used publicly online. So royalty free ones. A few guys and myself are trying to get a league going and we need to get some graphics set up for it. Any ideas?
  7. This is that thing he set up to ban everyone from primarily Muslim countries yeah? This is going to bite him in the arse. I actually have some middle eastern friends and one of them told me the other day that he feels like he isn't even welcomed in this country anymore. He is not angry, just disappointed.
  8. What worries you about him exactly? I know he is no John Marston but had he been, then we would feel like it was a cheap copy or something.
  9. That is what I am actually worried about. How carried away will they get with the DLC? Will they actually remove things from the game that should be there already just to charge money for it?
  10. These kinds of systems can work if you make them fair. I am not sure how I feel about lootboxes being in the game just yet myself but I hope they don't use that title for them.
  11. Exactly! What makes a great sequel or prequel is not how many things it topped from the last one, but the memorability of what actually takes place in the game.
  12. None. They don't need to top anything. They just need to have good missions worth playing. A decent reward system would help. I really don't care about trophies so I could care a less if I get those or not. I want in game rewards. Money, slick guns, gear, ect. for completing missions.
  13. I've experienced living in quite a few different areas in the US and I must admit one of the places I loved living the most was up north. I enjoy the cold and the snow. I guess it isn't for everyone. I don't have issues with my hands getting cold ever but my mate does and he smokes. Do you smoke? Could be why.
  14. To give you a refresher of what it looked like and functioned like in GTA V, watch the above video. What are your thoughts on this being in the game? Should it be like it was in GTA V or can they improve this and make it more fun/interactive?
  15. I can't see why they wouldn't do it again simply based on what they said above there. They want the main focus to be on the story and to give people time to enjoy that first. I can't blame them and I prefer it this way anyways as I would only be playing the campaign at first.
  16. They likely will just group the game in the Social Club since it is the easiest thing to do. I doubt they will have a separate leaderboard for this game. I can get wanting it to be on its own since it is nothing like GTA or Max Payne, but those games aren't too similar to one another either.
  17. Anyone think there is a chance anything will get leaked between now and Spring? I feel like something might slip out at the beginning of 2018. They are pretty good at not letting us know anything though, that is for damn sure.
  18. They may hold off on it if he is in the game. As much as I want him to be confirmed, I would rather not know about it until I play the game. This way it is kind of like a shock/surprise to see him ya know?
  19. Not sure yet. I have some options but during the week is a toss up. I am usually too tired to go out. I will likely just hang out at home and watch some horror films that will/should be on.
  20. I did the same. I found that after I moved out though, I didn't see them but once or twice a month. My mother calls me several times a week though just to see how I am.
  21. I can't speak much for it yet but I would imagine it does. Based on what was shown in the trailer, the game already looks better in quality if you ask me. We will have to wait for some gameplay of the online end to see what they actually do.
  22. "You got some money for me boy?" "I seen your name in our ledger." It would appear that our new character is a bounty hunter/debt collector for Dutch. Another scene shows him threatening to keep a guy's mother as payment for his father's debts. Dutch - "Do you have my bag?" Arthur ; "Always Dutch." I feel like this story may end up being more fulfilling than the last simply because you play as part of the gang and a VERY important role in said gang at that. He appears to be Dutch's right hand man.
  23. Well based on Arthur's clothing alone, it will be more north. I think we may see more native americans as well as a result. I am going to have to really dissect this and come back when I have more time.
  24. Dude they are not going to give is everything in 2 trailers. We will likely see 2 more before the game is released. I get what you mean but they gave us enough here to get excited about.
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