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  1. That is one of the things I oddly enough hated about the game. There were amazing scenes with the water but if it went over two inched deep your horse would chuck you off and have a fit. They should have allowed some kind of free play with the water. No need to swim, just have small row boats about.
  2. Yeah they have but they seem to not do it as often or in the same sense other gaming devs do. It don't matter to me if they make us wait for more information. I am the kind of person who enjoys a movie more the less I know about it in the trailer. So I would rather see less and experience more. This can be what they are going for.
  3. I like the idea of having stationed boats (small ones like canoes) as well as maybe one bigger boat that sails around like a train would travel freely around the map. They can make it part of the main mission and allow people to hijack the shop online for loads of fun.
  4. You will always see and hear people talking like this after a game is delayed one time. The charm here is that they did it twice to us. People are seemingly very p[esimistic in the gaming community anymore and they can be some real downers. I am with you. I think they gave themselves extra time to make sure it doesn't happen again. For all we know, the game is 100% done and they are just going to spend the next few months testing it all.
  5. With the way systems work these days where you can share anything right to social media, it really isn't needed in game. I think this is why people tend not to care.
  6. There are few games where I encountered high levels of trolling to the extent it pissed me off. Most CoD games, Halo 3, and GTA V. I think this is because a lot of kids were drawn to them. So you have 11 to 15-year-olds playing this games being trolls or not, which attracts people in their 20's who are trolls to troll them. It is like a cycle of crap. I don't think they will allow it so much on RDR2 because it will be modeled after the last one which has a much more serious tone in comparison to GTA games.
  7. October is a decent month regardless of what games come out. It is earlier enough for people not to complain but late enough in the year to push it as a Christmas gift.
  8. I would rather see him come in the story as DLC. I know a lot of people will disagree on that but if you put Marston in the main story, it will only take away from Arthur. I am fairly certain they want the focus to be on him and Dutch in this game.
  9. I get what you are saying. We do have the right to protect ourselves but to what extent? I don't think people should be able to buy things like assault rifles unless they are the shell casing of them (i.e. they don't work). Shotguns and handguns should be okay but anything that is beyond that is ludicrous and people defending those guns have a problem. That is my opinion though. I have a few friends in England. One of them is pro guns and the other 2 are anti-gun. The conversations we have are pretty good but we always come full circle to not agreeing.
  10. Just make a screen capture option on the controller and have it be uploaded to your Rockstar account. Easy peasy. Most people don't use these kinds of features.
  11. When you guys thinking we will get some news? I want to see another trailer or maybe get some online input for that end of the game.
  12. I can't see why they wouldn't release the game on PC at this point given the success of GTA V on Steam. They sold A LOT of copies there and still sell them.
  13. I want any kind of easter eggs to be involved directly with the story. Random ones that are meant to be inside jokes and things like that don't belong in these kinds of games in my opinion.
  14. You can't just change an amendment and forget why it is there in the first place. That being said, guns should remain legal BUT not all guns should be legal. They should have anything beyond a handgun or shotgun made illegal to the general public. From there, do mental screening to own guns. If you have a license, then you clearly passed it. As for schools, they need to have better protection. The only people who should be allowed on school grounds are students and teachers/faculty. If you are a parent, you should be cleared in advance to be able to walk in. Give all students over the age of 10 a state ID which allows them access to their school. Have armed guards like colleges do where there is someone at each entrance point of the school as well as cameras. Sure, this will take a lot of funding but then everyone will be better protected.
  15. Ehh kind of sucky. I thought I was getting some good news but it fell through. I don't like scaling my feelings of the year so early on so I will come back in a few months. The delay sucks for sure so that is one negative thing I have gotten out of the year.
  16. Yeah, they don't do this. They have closed testing within their own company. I believe I read somewhere that employees are contracted into secrecy.
  17. Did they actually give a reason why it was delayed? Like a legit reason? I feel like the first one was because they were in over their heads but now, I really don't know what it could be.
  18. Well based on all this info and the fact that the game got delayed, we can expect to see them advertising the game in July, full swing. I hope we get another trailer before that though.
  19. Dude I forgot about this! YES! I want to see drunkenness be taken to this level. Back in the old west, there was farming, gambling, and drinking. Go big or go home Rockstar!
  20. The graphics have sure come a long way to say the least. I wonder what kind of set up would be needed IF RDR2 comes out for PC. I would imagine it needs to be a solid gaming PC to handle the graphics. They look amazing.
  21. Jack is a dude and likely will not be too bothered by her being a cheater since they had only just slept together the one time (assuming it was one time). If he thinks they are going to end up dating though that can be an issue. I agree with the above comment on talking to Jen. She may be having issues with the current BF that are not good.
  22. They will likely tweak GTA so the Switch can handle it. I have to agree with RDR2, I just do not see that game ending up on the Switch based on the way the graphics look alone in the trailers.
  23. Part of me thinks the story line may lead to Arthur progressing to a "good guy" persona near the end of the game and then John Marston will end up killing him as a way to show his loyalty to Dutch. A sort of initiation into the gang.
  24. Yeah which sucks in a sense cause you can't just pop in a disc and play. I had to do this with CoD's latest game in the fall and it took nearly 2 hours. I have decent connection to the internet as well. Kind of annoying but at least this should prevent extended loading one would think.
  25. Tempted but then I would have to borrow the game... Not really sure I want to do that. I am a bit torn here. Cool thing they did though. I like that they are promoting it in GTA V.
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