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Share beautiful pictures from RDR2 (not of characters)


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Yeah show me some of the best pictures you have taken and not pictures of characters but nature and other stuff :) you can send links to the pictures on Socialclub or just set it in here in a post :) 

I start so i will post some of the pictures here and i would also be very happy if some of you maybe would give them a like or a comment on Socialclub where my name is the same as here :) or click on the link here to get there :)  https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Miss_WarHorse/




0_0 (1).jpg

0_0 (3).jpg










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54 minutes ago, Parzival said:

Shouldn't this be in the RDR2 forum?

Yeah, I can move it but maybe the OP put it in OT because they weren't sure if it should go in RDO or RDR2?

Where do you folks suggest I move it to? They haven't really been back since the beginning of the month.

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