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Show me your custom Lamat Revolvers

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Pearl handled , black steel , gold carvings. I gotta say though I've went back to dual sawn offs. If the enemy is close enough for hand guns I want to make sure they go down. Pib and dual sawn offs are Fricken unmatched. No tonics needed. 😀

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4 hours ago, Kean_1 said:

"Only a New Orleans pimp would carry a pearl-handled gun."


Image result for patton gif

Hey now, let's not let the whole world know!. 



I'm noticing that many of you guy's love the blued steel. I have a thing for nickle plating. Here's what I'm thinking for the dual welded Lamat's. Nickel plating with pearl grips. Full engravings with black inlays. I love how they did the High Roller revolver. Then maybe I can do black hammers and triggers, actually I might just leave the hammers and triggers nickle plated. 

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I beg to differ.

The Lemat to me looks weird. The Grip looks like it was stuck on as an afterthought.

The Schofields on the other hand...

Dual Schofields, both Blued steel with the baroque engravings IIRC, silver inlays and walnut grips. One has an eagle carving.

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