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About This Posse

The open posse of RDR2.org. Anyone feel free to join, PS4 or Xbox One, and roam Red Dead Online with us!


Xbox One
  1. What's new in this Posse
  2. Howdy, outlaw from germany here. I play on Xbox btw.
  3. ChronicThunderq here, looking for xb1 players that will take there time on story or stranger missions .
  4. The point of some of these groups is to mingle, meet folks and create your own in-game posse. They don't all follow a structured format like some.
  5. Hi, I'm from the EU-timezone. I'm a member, but whats the sense of being a member if I never got an invite to play or option to join the possegroup?
  6. Hello everyone. I am from the United States of America. I live in the Eastern Time Zone. I play on Xbox One. I was wondering what time some of you get on so I can join up with you all. I would like to level up, make money, and find out more things about this game. Thank you for your time
  7. Hi Lonestar, hope I'm not gatecrashing your posse; I'm a new member here and was looking through the list of posses and this seemed like the best place to start, is this OK?

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