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About This Posse

I'm created this as a resource, a group of "friendlies" that we all can tap into so we don't have to brave the RDR2 Online gameworld alone. This group for players who prefer cooperative, respectful and fun gameplay. For folks who are easy-going and want to TeamUp. :)


  1. What's new in this Posse
  2. There's no dedicated servers in RDO for PS. The PS "Community" that I had referenced years ago in this thread was removed by Sony long ago so there is no group anymore other than what survives here. .....but again, this was never representative of a group of people that all play together but merely a way for folks to meet and interact to create their own posses, etc. Personally, I rarely play RDO anymore although my close friends and I have been getting on lately since one of our buddies just recently got the game. ....but we play a few other titles too and will likely be getting back into GTAO due to the new PS5 version they just released.
  3. Yo what server are you guys on mind inviting me I don't have a mic if that okay
  4. I'm not and not sure who else is. .....but I'd also post in the Posse Recruitment sub forum to try and get more exposure.
  5. anyone in here still active??? my psn is maxcnote iā€™m usually doing bounties or random missions and stuff if anyone wants to form up a posse and play just add me
  6. You may also want to join the PSN Community I set up (mentioned in the description for this group). We've got 48 members in that community that are nearly all from here. There are a handful that have been playing in that group from what I can see but I expect that to jump next week.
  7. Any wanting to play, feel free to send me a message. My posse does a little bit of everything. But we try not to start fights. We milk out the missions till the last 30 sec (normally) and hunt/ fish during that time.
  8. Hi all, I'm currently looking for players on ps4 who have mics and want to play pvp as a team. This means we won't be just running forward and hoping. We shall assign roles within the matches depending on skills and talents. I'm up for joining anyone else's teams who play like this too. Add me my gt is Mortus_Nastius šŸ‘
  9. Hi @DNMNetTech, This isn't a group that all play together. It's more of a resource for folks to be able to tap into and form their own groups from. Obviously, not everyone here is on the same time schedules or time zones. It's not a clan or organized in that sense but folks have and do mingle. Currently, things seem to have slowed up likely due to the lack of content in RDO. I've even taken a bit of break myself to play the Division 2 with some of my RDO friends. That's not to say I won't be back however as I even still play GTAO. Hope that answers you question. Feel free to tap into the group if you're looking for folks to play with. Also, don't hesitate to post up a new thread in the Posse Recruitment sub forum. Something along the lines of "looking for group" or similar. Everyone gets one thread to promote their posse and/or themselves.
  10. Is this posse still actively playing together? If so, I will join the PS4 online community. I am usually on 6pm Eastern until 10 or 12 depending on how much fun we are having and how tired I get. I am also on most weekends at various times. Definately Weekend nights.
  11. We've got nearly 60 members in this community now and over 40 in the PSN Community I started. However, I know a lot of you are going it alone. Don't be afraid to reach out to fellow members in the group. That's why I created this community so that folks could mingle and find other people to join up with in the game. I know it's not easy but eventually you can typically find at least a couple people you get along with and can consistently "TeamUp" with. I've met up with a few good people from here, a couple that I almost always connect with and others that join us from time to time. Before you know it, you'll meet friends of friends and expand your contact list. .....so get out there and meet more people! Regards, Kean
  12. I'm new here and I've been in the market for a good sized permanent posse. I've been searching for members for a while but either nobody has a mic, they're already in a posse or they just don't care. I'm looking for posse members that are friendly, have mics and just enjoy joking around and having fun. I don't care about honor level, your rank, experience with the game or anything like that. My PSN account name is "cyber_arm1" if you're interested send me an invite! šŸ˜ƒ
  13. Welcome Nate. Yeah, probably not ever going to join you during that time frame but we do have folks here from the UK and other parts of the world. .....so while that time may not be so convenient for a lot of folks in the U.S., it could be for them.
  14. PSN: NateRADmac89 I am online around 5am PST on weekdays play for an hour or so. Playing at this time is rough for coop. Add me if the schedule works. Mic ready.
  15. Sorry to see you go Red. I hope that doesn't mean you'll be leaving RDO all together. Just know you're always welcome here.
  16. Thanks to all the posse members, I have enjoyed my time here but its time for me to move on. Till we meet again online, adios :))
  17. Glad to see the group on here and the PSN Community growing. Welcome all.
  18. Once you've found the seven or so futuristic rock carvings you get access to his house and also a resolution to some those questions that might have niggled you about this fella, Francis Sinclair.
  19. .....hhmmmmm. It's been a while so I don't recall that one but nice find. Same sweater too from the drawing. šŸ˜„
  20. It's the childhood home of the time-traveller, Francis Sinclair, from the Geology for Beginners stranger mission in story-mode. I knew he was a bit odd!
  21. Had fun with @tyemax2 and another old PSN friend last night even though we got trolled by a group that followed us to a second session. Easy enough to ignore though and now I'm 50 XP away from lvl 31 and Express ammo. ....whoo hoo.
  22. Accepted the request and sent you an invite to the PSN community. We have a handful of folks from the UK. Personally, I'm from the US on the west coast so not so sure if we will ever be online at the same time.
  23. PSN names NickyBishNChips give me a add and feel free to join my sessions
  24. Did an little research, apparently the cabin is part of a side mission in the story. The thing is I don't recall that cabin being accessible in story mode perhaps that is just because I haven't finished (80%). From what I have read, the drawings area tie in to the Episolon Cult in GTA V. Speaking of mysteries, the landscape of RDR2 is fairly organic in that it changes with the passage of time. The lumber camp fell all the trees and is abandoned, Wapiti vanishes after you start the Epilogue, gallows get erected in various towns, have people noticed similar things in online play?
  25. btw, rcvd your msg Tye and accepted. Also sent you an invite to the Community. For some reason it won't come up on a search for some folks but it could just be a case of missing a space or similar.

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