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  1. Yeah not gonna lie, the free aim in this game feels clunky and unnatural. I have it at the lowest setting as well. I can free aim when needed but I know I'll likely never be as good as I am in other games. Only weapon that I'm still good at as far as free aim is the bow thanks to months of playing The Forest. I challenge myself by going first person free aim in showdowns. I'm getting better, slowly lol. Although with my sight issues, it's difficult. (can't see at all or very well anything that isn't directly in front of me, so I look at the mini map a ton)
  2. that isn't totally the fault of the player but of Rockstar for lumping everyone into one server. But if you can't smarten up and avoid being killed then I don't know what else to tell you.
  3. Then why are you getting your panties in a bunch over someone killing you outside of a free roam mission?
  4. If you didn't want to make plans and use your brain then next time you load up red dead, press L1.
  5. So you basically don't want to have to look out for yourself? I mean God forbid that you have to plan a route to the butcher or whatever. I've only ever been killed twice at the butcher because I'm not dumb enough to just run straight in expecting people to be nice and honorable. It's the wild West, even they were wary back then. Rockstar effectively created that feeling.
  6. Just because one gang may be honorable doesn't mean they all are. Look at the O'Driscolls, the Skinners, the Murphree brood. Not everyone is gonna be a good villain. Again, griefing is all down to perspective. Where as I feel I've only been griefed a handful of times, you and many others consider everything short of looking in your general direction as griefing. I've been randomly killed many times for no reason, griefing? Nope. Just part of the game. It's when they go out of their way to follow you around and across sessions is when I consider it griefing.
  7. It really boils down to what people define as "griefing". Most people are softies and any shooting they don't "consent" to is considered griefing to them. Hell I got reported the other day for interrupting some posse's mission. They felt that because of my rank that I was griefing them (I'm 181 and they were in the 40s-50s, 3-4 of them). When you got people like that, it's hard to pinpoint what's actually going on because everyone's perspectives is vastly different.
  8. Lemme strap ya up on the back of my horse and ride around to all the spawns. Sometimes they don't wanna spawn tho, so I have to keep cycling between them.
  9. I've noticed the amount of animals increased and they don't glitch out to where there's none at all after 20-30 minutes. Idk what's up with everyone's intense need for constant new content/updates. Like if something new doesn't come out every week then people get upset.
  10. Sure worked to draw out a panther I was looking for. And some coyotes before that.
  11. There is no best gun to carry, just different setups depending on your situation and what your wanna do like most have mentioned. Hunting: bolt action/Springfield rifle, varmint rifle, double sawed off shotguns. Free roam missions: Springfield rifle, double sawed off, bow with dynamite arrows loaded Showdown (generally): double Scofield revolvers, either Springfield or bolt action, repeating shotgun. Varies a little depending on my card set up too.
  12. Yeah when I noticed that I was just shooting everything and was just quietly screaming YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
  13. I've noticed that there seems to be more animals. Or rather the instance of them not spawning randomly after awhile has been fixed? I was having to switch sessions every 20-30 minutes because there would literally be no animals except crows and wild horses. Was extremely frustrating.
  14. Yeah: Renascentc Was taking a nap but I'm up now lol.
  15. Pssst, I'm awake and home. Shoot me a message or whatever.
  16. Okay cool. Game on lol. Gives me enough time to run a couple errands before I park myself in front of the PS. We talking pvp modes or posse versus?
  17. I'm down for it. What's this test run consist of? I'll be off work in about 5-ish hours. PSN is "Renascentc", add me if you like.
  18. Renascent


    Must be an Xbox thing because the only glitch I see still is people going under the map but they can't, as far as I know, shoot others while they are there. Haven't seen people being greyed out like they had just respawned.
  19. You're not the only one to refer to me as that lol. One of my friends who liked to randomly pop in and try to kill me said I was like a panther or something. Also where ya been at? Hardly see anyone on these days. Just been alternating between hunting and doing showdowns.
  20. 😗 Doesn't matter now. Delete at will.
  21. I'd tackle them but more often than not most that use slippery can't free aim and they only use it s defense. Once they get close they shotgun you. Some dude in plunder thought he was slick trying that and I kept my distance and just picked him off with paint it black headshots. He actually went on the mic and was upset screaming HOW??? Made me lol pretty hard.
  22. Yeah you just kinda have to throw yourself in there with no expectation to win. Just do your best and learn from mistakes. If nothing else, save video clips of your showdowns and rewatch them to see what you could have done better. Take the time to sit and carefully read each ability card and pick what suits your fight style or what you think your style would be. For instance, when I go showdown I use: paint it black, never without one, peak condition, and either Landon's patience or winning streak (sometimes strange medicine instead of never without one). In free roam I change paint it black to focus fire unless there's a lot of dark red using slippery bastard. Play around with them until you find your cup of tea.
  23. Take a break, quit, be creative and make something up. Most will tell you if you don't enjoy the game then don't play. Simple as that. 3 weeks not so bad especially compared to other legit MMOs (one of which took me 10 months of hard daily grinding to get 5 levels).
  24. Some people in this thread are the prime example of pay to win because they can't fathom putting in the work that everyone else has to get what they have. The main thing about MMOs is the grind. What's the point of just buying all the high end stuff. You're going to get bored faster, have nothing to work for and accomplish. It felt so good when I finally got to 58 to get my Foxtrotter. Then went on to the 80s to get fire rounds, then explosive rounds. Then all the special saddles. That satisfaction that I busted my ass to get to that point is what does it for me. I'm rank 178 now. I don't actively try to rank but I still get 1 per full day of play. (Takes about 9-10k exp for me to rank right now) Log in, make my money back upgrading cards. Play around with different set ups. I either hunt or do showdowns depending on how tired I am, with the occasional shenanigans with friends.
  25. I mean of course they want your money. They aren't hosting the online version out of the goodness of their heart. But congrats, I'm still like 177 or something. I still play cuz I enjoy it still.
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