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Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Trailer 2


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Well, if I wasn't hyped before I sure as shit am now. The second trailer blew me away, even in a 1 and a half minute trailer Rockstar packed too much stuff to write about and ponder over right now but I will be commenting on this post with what I've noticed from the trailer and my thoughts on this upcoming masterpiece.

- Archbell

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Rockstar Games has revealed the second trailer for their upcoming game, Red Dead Redemption 2. This time around we saw more of the actual game, and more details of what to expect have been confirmed, some new things have been alluded to and there is plenty to speculate about, however fewer questions have been answered than we would have liked. Let’s look at the new information.

The Answers

The Protagonist


The protagonist, singular – at least as far as we know – is an outlaw called Arthur Morgan. The trailer didn’t make it explicitly clear that he is the only protagonist, however he is the only named character, and his voice lines are featured most prominently. Rockstar’s official description of the trailer gives his full name as the trailer only refers to him as “Mr. Morgan”. The character is a pretty generic middle-aged gruff white guy with a stubble, however character-wise he seems like an atypical hero – mainly because he doesn’t seem to be a hero. Though vague, the trailer implies we’ll be erring more obviously on the side of the outlaws in this game, further reinforced by the description:

Watch the all-new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive. Coming Spring 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems.

The Timeframe


The question whether Red Dead Redemption 2 would be a prequel or a sequel was one of the most commonly debated questions in the past year, and this trailer has finally answered that question. Dutch Van Der Linde, the main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption and the head of the Van Der Linde gang, is seen in the trailer, and is seen to be somewhat younger than he was in the previous game, making this clearly a prequel.

It being a prequel made more sense anyway, since Red Dead Redemption often returned to the theme of the “Old West” declining and the cowboy/outlaw era ending. The game’s setting was mainly 1911, which was already on the tail-end of the Old West era, and the game’s epilogue is set even further down the line, making a prequel mostly the only logical option, and finally this has been confirmed.

It does make naming the game Red Dead Redemption 2 instead of Red Dead Re-something even stranger (especially since this is the third game, and Red Dead Redemption was the second), but hey, brand recognition matters.

The Location


While no concrete locations have been revealed, the voiceover lines indicate the game’s map will be spread across three states. Since the official description refers to the game’s setting as “America’s unforgiving heartland”, the location will be different from the previous game which was in the southernmost states and part of Mexico.


Many of the shots in the trailer depict locations other than arid deserts, including snowy mountains, dense forests, swamps and fields. The biomes present in this game are going to be more varied than they were in Red Dead Redemption.

The Gameplay


Some of the gameplay beats of the upcoming title have been revealed as well. Lassoing horses and hunting are making a return alongside the absolute basics like brawling, shootouts and horse riding. Weapons will include your standard selection of pistols and other late 1800’s/early 1900’s firearms as well as a bow and arrow and various melee weapons.

While it is hard to confirm details based on a trailer cut together from scripted events and cutscenes, it seems like stealth may play a bigger part in this installment of the series, and train robberies will be recurring events, as well as other typical outlaw activities such as bank robberies.

The Story


The largely disjointed snippets of dialogue didn’t reveal much about the game’s plot, but we do know we’ll be interacting with a mix of old and new characters. The storyline will mainly focus on the exploits of the Van Der Linde gang headed by Dutch prior to it being disbanded in Red Dead Redemption’s prologue. The story seems to be an antithesis to that of the previous game, which saw John Marston, a former outlaw, attempting to atone and redeem himself (title hint), whereas the trailer paints Arthur Morgan as someone relishing in the dastardly deeds of an outlaw. Whether he will have a change of heart during the storyline, or if Rockstar’s editors just cut together dialogue in a way to throw fans off the scent will only be revealed once the game is released.

The Questions

When is Red Dead Redemption 2 coming?


This trailer, which is currently the newest and thus most up-to-date source of info, still just showed the estimated release date of Spring 2018, meaning we don’t have a concrete date yet. While that may be disappointing, we’re just happy it didn’t get delayed again. Whether or not Rockstar will keep to this date or later on push it back again is anyone’s guess, but Rockstar releases games on a Rockstar schedule, and ain’t nobody going to do anything about it. After all, the extra dev time is used to further polish the game, which is only good for us.

Is John Marston In It?


We have no idea. Rockstar is very likely keeping a tight lock on this particular detail, as it would be a pretty major reveal considering the character’s popularity. However, fan theories have cropped up already, some thinking that the voice line in the trailer saying “we’re going to need another gun” is referring to the recruitment of John Marston.

The bottom line

Our idea of just what kind of a game Red Dead Redemption 2 will be just got a lot clearer thanks to this trailer, however our questions still far outweigh the number of answers. We’re hoping this trailer opened the floodgates, so to speak, and we can expect far more information with less waiting between from now on. It’s time Rockstar started giving more detailed descriptions of gameplay mechanics and more, so we’ll keep an eye on the Newswire.

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I was both hyped and underwhelmed by this trailer. It seemed to kinda just satisfy us for now, but am mainly awaiting Rockstar's vidoc series (I love when they have those for their games). Here's my reaction and thoughts though if anyone wants to see. But yeah no matter what I'm getting this game.


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48 minutes ago, Samurai Kibiji said:

I was both hyped and underwhelmed by this trailer. It seemed to kinda just satisfy us for now, but am mainly awaiting Rockstar's vidoc series (I love when they have those for their games). Here's my reaction and thoughts though if anyone wants to see. But yeah no matter what I'm getting this game.


Dude they are not going to give is everything in 2 trailers. We will likely see 2 more before the game is released. I get what you mean but they gave us enough here to get excited about. 

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Looking over the trailer at first glance I'm seeing so much, the environment looks stunning and I was especially impressed by the scale of it all.

I can't structure any of what I've seen into a paragraph so I'm just gonna rattle off all the things I've noticed so far.

0:04 - Campfires from Red Dead Redemption used to Save and Fast Travel could possibly be making a return.

0:10 - Very scenic shot of our protagonist Arthur Morgan riding towards what seems to be a small shack and a fire.

0:14 - No clue who this is but judging by what our protagonist says he possibly owes the Van der Linde Gang money and may be avoiding them by living in the wilderness.

0:25 - The way dirt falls off the stagecoach wheels as they turn shows incredible attention to detail.

0:27 - Another shot of Morgan, this time travelling through the centre of an unknown town with various stores and buildings in the background including a Drug Store, Gunsmiths and a Sherriff's Office. I also like the detail that can be seen in the muddy dirt road, puddles forming in the tracks of horses and wagons.

0:32 - Can't make out the name on the grave but the way the sun shines through the trees looks great.

0:34 - This young man being threatened is most likely the son of the woman crying by the grave in the previous shot.

0:35 - Here we get our first close up of Arthur Morgan while he's threatening the son of the dead man he or the Van der Linde Gang could possibly of killed.

0:38 - Seems Rockstar ditched the basic "2" and decided to go with the Roman numerals "II" instead, very similar to Mafia II's colour and style.

0:40 - This shot which is very reminiscent of a scene in the film "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford " shows what I'm assuming to be the Van der Linde Gang laying in wait to rob the train armed with Revolvers and Sawn-Off Shotguns.

0:41 - This next shot which is also reminiscent of the aforementioned film shows Arthur Morgan most likely standing on a makeshift barricade or wagon put in place to stop the train, the sparks of the train stopping look amazing combined with the smoke bellowing out from underneath.

0:43 - Another close up of Morgan, apart from the fire not much is visible behind him which makes me wonder if some form of light will be required to see at night when the moon is obscured.

0:44 - Possibly a later shot of the before seen train robbery shows Morgan pistol-whipping a man to the ground while two men walk towards him with one of them possibly being Bill Williamson judging by the distinctive hat.

0:46 - Great shot of a snow covered forest with tracks being made in the snow and the same Bill Williamson looking character riding rear right.

0:48 - The shadows of the window bars look so sharp in this shot as Morgan throws what I'm assuming to be the Bank Manager through the door.

0:50 - I wanted to focus on Morgan robbing the bank at gun point because it looks really exciting but all I could do was look top right and wonder to myself "Who the hell hangs a photo like that?".

0:51 - This guy looks badass, no clue who he could be but I'm guessing he's in cahoots with Morgan and/or the Van der Linde Gang.

0:53 - Morgan and an accomplice boarding a train as it comes out of a tunnel.

0:57 - A shot of Morgan wearing a bandana but with a different hat and a winter coat as well as some fingerless gloves, he seems to be carrying a Schofield Revolver but it has a different grip from the ones we've seen previously in screenshots so hopefully this means gun customization.

0:58 - Morgan brawling with someone outside a barbers that hopefully we'll be able to use to customize our character.

1:00 - I'm looking forward to seeing animals going after each other this time around instead on constantly going after me.

1:01 - Two men led by Morgan carrying a lantern wade through a swamp possibly in an attempt to sneak up on their enemy.

1:02 - I was pleased to see the bow and arrow make a return from Red Dead Revolver, I'm guessing it'll come in handy during stealth missions and for hunting wild animals although in this shot it seems that he misses his target.

1:06 - Morgan helping his unknown accomplice from 0:53 back onto the train.

1:09 - Stealth takedowns with a knife similar to Red Dead Redemption.

1:10 - Safes being blown open with explosives as Morgan walks away like a badass and as seen in the previous trailer and screenshots we seems to be getting rifle slings instead of back holsters this time around.

1:13 - First look at Dutch who we now know by his rings was the dual wielding gunman in the screenshot we got when the game was delayed.

1:14 - This shot shows Morgan and what appears to be Bill Williamson on the left, I don't know who the guy in the middle is but judging by the fact that he hasn't got a gun, is dressed in fine clothes with a pocket watch and is walking in front of the Morgan and Williamson he may be getting taken hostage.

His clothes change throughout the trailer but most of the time it'll be something slight like his coat being removed so I don't know if we're getting layered clothing like GTA or if it'll be outfits like Red Dead Redemption.

I think this trailer is great, really gets me excited for the games release in Spring. We know now the voice throughout the first trailer was Morgan's but I still have know idea who he was telling to "run and don't look back" in the first trailer as from the looks of this trailer he's ruthless and cares for money above all else.


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8 hours ago, SNAK3S said:

Dutch is such a cocky bad ass. I love getting to see him younger. Him being confirmed alone is amazing but it would seem we will be working under him as well. I wonder how this will match up to the second game, if it does at all. 

He always kind of reminded me of Curly from Tombstone.


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Personally, I was impressed and thrilled when I saw this.  Making the wait even more intense for me.  The alligator looked really cool and I'm hyped about the trains and the shot of the bow and arrow was awesome.  Nice to see there are potentially new weapons.  Above all, the graphics look amazing.   I have a feeling the story line will be awesome and the wait will be worth it. COME ON SPRING!!! 

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