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More RDO News (Fishing Challenge +) 3/19/19


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Today’s update brings a new Competitive Challenge to the Free Roam Event rotation with the Fishing Challenge – compete against others to catch the most weight in fish, with variations across 3 different body of water types: Lakes, Rivers and Swamps.

See below for a schedule of what’s still to come to the Red Dead Online Beta before our next full update:

  • Today - Free Roam Event: Fishing Challenge 
  • March 26 - Target Races and additional PS4 early access content: Open Target Races
  • April 2 - Showdown Mode: Up In Smoke
  • April 9 - Showdown Mode: Plunder


The Gator Hat, Ortega Vest and Woodland Gloves from today’s limited time additions to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue.

On top of new gameplay, each week will feature different bonuses including XP boosts, discounts, care packages and more along with new limited time clothing coming in and out of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. This week’s limited time additions to the Catalogue are: 

  • Gator Hat
  • Woodland Gloves
  • Ortega Vest
  • Pelt Half Chaps

And this week enjoy a 30% XP boost on hunting animals, along with a Fishing Care Package that includes 5x Live Crickets, 1x River Lure, 1x Lake Lure and 1x Swamp Lure. All care packages can be received at either your Camp’s lockbox or the Post office.

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  • Kean_1 changed the title to More RDO News (Fishing Challenge +) 3/19/19
8 minutes ago, nshanny73 said:

nice... except I've already purchased all of these items and they will now be forever stuck in my collection box along with the special spinner

The lures(lake, river, swamp) you can have more than one of which is nice if you lose one, you have another ready to go. I agree that it's  really annoying having the gifted special spinner stuck in your box if you had already purchased one prior to the gifted one.

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3 hours ago, Vaderspupil said:

The lures(lake, river, swamp) you can have more than one of which is nice if you lose one, you have another ready to go. I agree that it's  really annoying having the gifted special spinner stuck in your box if you had already purchased one prior to the gifted one.

Yeah, they should add a cash/gold refund to those that already sprung for one off items they’re gifting. Or at least the option to sell one a a reduced rate.

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Red Dead Online's latest scheduled content update has rolled around and a new free roam event is available for players. Additionally, new limited edition items have been added to the game's item catalog, a new XP boost is live and you can pick up a new care package.

Giving the aspiring anglers of the Wild West a chance to shine is the all new Fishing Challenge free roam event, which is now part of the standard even rotation in-game. If you opt-in, you'll be transported to the location of the challenge - which varies between swamps, lakes and rivers - once it is triggered and given all of the equipment necessary to catch the largest amount of fish in weight before the timer runs out. If you come out on top, you'll earn a tidy reward in XP and gold.


Rockstar has also revealed the release dates of other upcoming game modes.

Target races, which task you not only with crossing the finish line first, but hitting targets in the meantime, is arriving on the 26th of March. On the same day, Open Target Races will be added as a timed exclusive on PS4, staying locked for Xbox players for 30 days. On the 2nd of April, the Up In Smoke showdown mode will be added to the game, followed by Plunder on the 9th.

If you like to accessorize, you'll be particularly interested in this week's limited clothing options available from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. The Gator Hat, Ortega Vest, Woodland Gloves and Pelt Half Chaps are available this week only.


Satisfy the tracker in you with a bit of hunting as the activity now carries a 30% XP boost this week, allowing you to climb levels faster while downing game in the wild. All players have also received a care package styled after the new Fishing Challenge mode, packed with lures and baits.

Check back next week to learn more about the upcoming Target Races.

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Today saw the release of a small weekly content update for Red Dead Online, adding a fishing challenge to the game. We also know about four other game modes coming to the game in the next three weeks, however the next major Beta Update is planned for later this Spring. Rockstar has detailed their upcoming plans for new features, based on player feedback.

Ever since release, one of the developers' main concerns has been griefing - or, rather, the effort to minimize this phenomenon. Over the course of the Beta, new systems have been put in place to mitigate the issue, to varying measures of success. In their continued efforts in this regard, Rockstar's developers have devised the new Hostility system which will be coming to the game soon.


The Hostility system seeks to eliminate one of the weaknesses that the proximity-based blip system suffered from. Players who try to defend themselves from griefers run the risk of being marked as violent themselves, thus increasing the visibility of their blip on the map and turning red.

The upcoming Hostility system will monitor which party in a conflict is the aggressor, so victims of griefing can safely protect themselves. This way, if you kill a griefer - regardless of whether they were griefing you or someone else - your own hostility stat will not increase, nor will you incur any bounties.

Naturally, the Hostility system won't come into play when you are in structured PvP scenarios. However, keep in mind that if you are engaged in free roam PvP activities, killing other players in free roam who are not participating will increase your hostility stat. The Hostility system has additional features that will be detailed in upcoming posts.

Additionally, a new system will allow players to mark themselves as either Defensive or Offensive. An evolution of the passive mode system from GTA Online, as well as "marked for PvP" used in many MMOs like World of Warcraft, this new Playing Style system further serves to prevent griefing and unwanted PvP attacks. If you mark yourself as Offensive, then practically nothing changes - you continue to play as you have until now.


Marking yourself as Defensive, however, alters a number of factors. Defensive players cannot be lassoed, critical hits can't be dealt against them, headshots incur the same damage as body shots and attacking them will incur major Hostility penalties. As a Defensive player, you may not lock onto other players, nor can they lock onto you, and any hostile action on your part will automatically switch you to Offensive and incur penalties. This way if you set yourself to Defensive, griefing you will be more trouble than it's worth.

Players can also expect content expansion beyond the odd game mode here and there. Both the Land Of Opportunities mission-chain will continue with more quests focused on Jessica LeClerk, and the Free Roam Missions will also be increased in number.

New random encounters will also be added, such as ambushes or various NPCs in need of help. The Daily Challenges system will be overhauled, removing any challenge that indirectly encouraged griefing in free roam, as well as challenges that require unavailable content. A new weapon returning from Red Dead Redemption is also on its way - keep an eye out for the LeMat Revolver, coming soon.


These features will be implemented is a major Beta Update coming sometime later this spring.

The post Rockstar Details Upcoming Red Dead Online Features appeared first on RDR2.org.

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