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NEW INFO: Red Dead Redemption frontiers and towns


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Those are some great screenshots, I'm more excited after seeing these screenshots than I was after seeing the gameplay trailer.

Saint Denis and the Annesburg Mine look like very interesting places to explore, it's also kinda weird to see Bill Williamson without a beard.

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Thank you for this!  This is awesome information.  I am anxious to see Valentine.   The description makes me wonder if this will be like Thieve's Landing, in the sense of no law enforcement?   Maybe not in this town, but from the description I am hoping that this town or at least some area in the game will be a dedicated area with no law enforcement.  Gamblers, outlaws, and prostitutes? lmao I'm in! 

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26 minutes ago, Fribbo said:

Anyone else expecting to see a gameplay video this week now that we got another unexpected content drop? Or do you think Rockstar are going to start releasing info weekly?

I think it will be the latter, and they will drop the next gameplay trailer in the first week of October. Though I honestly haven’t the slightest clue about when they will release the trailer. Pretty sure that they will be dropping new info every week though.

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Rockstar has shown off a couple of the major locations players will be visiting during Red Dead Redemption 2 in their latest reveal.

A series of screenshots, some styled as postcards, show off settlements and points of interest with other images interspersed. Possibly even more importantly, this reveal practically confirms that the map leaked so long ago is accurate.

Alongside revealing the specific locations, the images also indicate the various larger regions the game's map will be made up of. Going by the revealed locations, the game is going to pack a great deal of variety with regards to its towns and villages.


Valentine, in The Heartlands region, is "A raucous, rough-and-tumble town" which will be a great place to wind down and resupply. The town is known for its livestock auctions which attract all kinds of wealthy travelers, who in turn attract outlaws, gamblers and prostitutes who try and rob, swindle or seduce the affluent clientele.


Vastly different is Annesburg, found in Roanoke Ridge. A mining town, the locals aren't well off as digging for coal doesn't net them a high salary, and working conditions are terrible. Many workers lose their lives and the populace is pretty run down.


Saint Denis, in the Bayou, is a bustling city. A true modern metropolis (based on New Orleans), Saint Denis is a key trading port, and a cultural melting pot.

In spite of the encroaching modernity, outlaws aren't that rare a sight in the city where they brush shoulders with traders, officials, and businessmen. The Van Der Linde Gang may not be as welcome here as they are in wilder towns.


Mount Hagen is one of the tallest peaks in the Grizzlies. An unforgiving frozen waste, the mount was once home to civilization but only the ruins of it remain. It's a perfect place for outlaws to hide, if uncomfortable, but when multiple outlaws get that idea things aren't always friendly.


A hidden feud tarnishes the otherwise idyllic Scarlett Meadows town, Rhodes. Tensions between two major plantation-owning families, the Grays and the Braithwaites, has cast a shadow over the settlement where corruption now runs rampant. It's a perfect hotbed of opportunity for an enterprising outlaw.


Big Valley's Strawberry is a quite and simple logging town that a stubborn mayor wants to transform entirely. The new mayor, hailing from the East Coast, sees the town as an investment opportunity, a potential tourist hotspot in the making, while the locals mock him behind his back.


Lagras, sharing the Bayou with the extravagant Saint Denis, is a humble settlement. The fact that it's situated in a swamp is much more apparent than in its larger counterpart, and the locals don't exactly live glamorous lives. They gladly help travelers navigate the bog in exchange for a bit of coin.

These locations line up with the ones seen on the leaked map from way back when. Up until now, there wasn't much supporting the validity of the map and we ourselves indicated skepticism, however now it seems like it was accurate after all.

The sole difference seems to be Saint Denis, which was called New Bordeaux on the leaked map. Both are clear stand-ins for New Orleans, and New Bordeaux went on to be used in Mafia 3, also published by Take-Two.


Possibly, that was a move to discredit the leak, however now it's almost certainly legitimate.

A fan on Reddit added the postcard images from today's reveal to a representation of the leaked map, which also seems to indicate that the entirety of Red Dead Redemption's map will also be included in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Hopefully we'll get more specifics on just how much of the leaked map is accurate in the coming weeks. Red Dead Redemption 2 is just over a month away, so the wait is almost over.

Here is an overview of everything we know about the game and our Wiki is being built out as we speak!

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3 hours ago, NewsBot said:

In spite of the encroaching modernity, outlaws aren't that rare a sight in the city where they brush shoulders with traders, officials, and businessmen. The Van Der Linde Gang may not be as welcome here as they are in wilder towns.

Looking forward to seeing if there is a different atmopshere here when you enter town as an outlaw. Hope so.

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