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Posse photos


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Hey all!


Figured we could do with a post for pictures of posses?  It's always fun to pose with the gang and look cool!


This is some of our posse, the Black Hats.  Our camp was in the swamp, and one morning, before setting off, we took a photo!


How about everyone else?  Posse photos to share?


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I haven't officially joined one or started one yet. I am waiting a while till I get things leveled up and all my gameplay in order. Plus we are still in beta. If I do join one soon, I will get a picture and share for sure, I like this idea! :) 

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On 12/18/2018 at 6:21 PM, LordAsh31 said:

Ew... that's a real slaughter.  I assume it is several posses together, since you have more than seven players?


No other posses with group photos?

Well, we are an established crew on Socialclub that existed already for GTA 5 and moved on to RDR. Sure it's more then 7 members but then it's a limit that was introduced by Rockstar to RDR2. Socialclub crews contain more then 7 people and we play with mixed posses in RDR together.

If you're interested: https://fpgl-crew.org

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7 hours ago, Mahuk said:

That's a great shot Gunther. 

If you play on XB1, our crew is always welcoming new members. You can get yourself in one of these photos while grinding missions & stacking up cash & XP 🤠

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Back in the beginning before we were 7. Need to take an updated photo. And before someones asks.... Yes, we always cook our dead. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you......


      Skinnin for Innards.


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