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7/2/19 Weekly Bonuses & Discounts


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Celebrate Independence this week across the open frontier of Red Dead Online - with bonuses to reward your adventurous spirit. Get 30% bonus cash and XP on all Free Roam Missions alongside generous retail discounts on weapon components and the popular Evans Repeater. Plus new Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue additions, including the "Respectful Bow" emote – free for a limited time – and more.



As part of this week’s celebratory festivities, merchants are pleased to offer free Gun Oil to ensure all your instruments of peacemaking are in tip-top shape. A weapon’s looks and performance degrade over time from use and exposure to the elements, but a little Gun Oil will make them good as new. Gunslingers and vigilante types alike would also be wise to take advantage of 30% off all weapons components, including Improved Rifling to increase velocity and range, Iron Sights and Scopes for better accuracy, Stocks with various wood grains and Wraps to preserve your weapon from use and weather.

And if you’re in the market for a reliable firearm, you can get the Evans Repeater for 25% off this week.

Patriots can take advantage of 50% off Red, White and Blue bandanas, plus free Red and Blue camp flags, through the 8th of July.


Not all those who wander are lost. This week, those brave enough to traverse the five states in search of opportunity shall be rewarded handsomely with 30% more RDO$ and XP for all Free Roam Missions. Keep yourself on the straight and narrow pursuing Gunslinger missions with respectable folks like Bonnie MacFarlane or get yourself mixed up in shadier business with Outlaw missions from Black Belle and much more.



The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue has a new limited supply item, the warm and woolly Pelt Half Chaps, as well as remaining stock of the Griffith Chaps.

Elsewhere in the catalogue's clothing section, the sturdy Cromwell Hat and the svelte Cabrera Pants are both refined statement pieces that are sure to elevate your wardrobe.


Put your best foot forward with strangers or make peace with even your most bitter rivals using the Respectful Bow emote, free from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue for this week only.

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Bonnie McFarlane and Sadie Adler won't have to do the ol' spit-shine on their rifles for ages now that Gun Oil is free this week! 


(On a serious note, I'd like to see them doing different animations or even chores around their homesteads instead of sitting in one spot, cleaning their guns endlessly) 

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Another week, another infusion of new fashion options in Red Dead Online. The new items are also joined by a fresh emote, as well as a slew of bonuses and discounts to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July - after all, who better knows how to celebrate freedom than frontiersmen?

What could possibly be more American than something related to firearms? Rockstar thought the same when they decided to frontline their July 4th celebrations with a free gun oil bonus. Players can use Gun Oil to maintain weapons, and repair degradation in the moving parts. Additionally, all weapon components are 30% off, allowing you to exercise your right to bear arms with a lower budget.


Additionally, the Evans Rifle is 25% off, so grab this fantastic gun while it's cheap. All red, white and blue Camp Flags are free this week, and patriotic players can buy red, white and blue Bandanas for their characters at half price through the 8th of July.

This week players can also earn big with Free Roam missions. Through the 8th of July, all Free Roam missions pay out 30% more RDO$ and XP than usual. A selection of new Free Roam missions were just added recently, so if you already know your way around the old missions now is a great time to try out the new ones.


The new clothing options available in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue include both limited and permanent items. The Pelt Half Chaps are all about keeping you warm in the cold of the mountains and are available only for a limited time alongside a re-run of the Griffith Chaps. Permanent additions include the Cromwell Hat and the Cabrera Pants.

You can also grab the game's newest emote for free if you're quick on your toes. The new "Respectful Bow" emote is free just this week, after which you'll need to pay if you want it.

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Articles take time to prepare.  I'm just copying and pasting.  .......snip, stick and done. :)

The Newsbot articles are usually written & posted within a few hours so that's pretty quick IMO.  


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3 hours ago, Lonestar said:

It's hard to beat @Kean_1!!!

Great name/avatar btw!

I’m of the opinion that Dunsworth played the best chronically drunk antagonist of all time... Unfortunately, actors can die, but The Liquor is immortal (and possibly immoral, depending who you ask).

as for the newsbot thing, I just kind of found it funny that the articles always seems to post right in the middle of the discussion thread. Not a criticism exactly.

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